Club Delaware 16s

The Dynomite Distribution

A few regulations about this weekend's tournament

Start Time

The building will not be open until about 8:00 am please do not try to get into the building before then or the alarm will go off. Once in the gym, the host team will need some time to get things set up but should be able to get everything ready to start by the start time. This shouldn't be too much of an issue because our game starts at 9:30a.

Food and Concessions

While there will be a concession stand at the entrance of the gym (sandwiches, fruits, pasta salad, snacks, bagels, coffee, pizza, beverages, muffins, etc), there are ABSOLUTELY NO food table setups allowed in or around the building. In addition to complying with the building usage requirements, it is also a region directive. This will be monitored closely by both the school and the sponsors.

Ball Handling

No ball handling in the halls. If a ball hits the sprinkler, the fire alarms goes off and we get kicked out along with the tournament shutting down! I would hate for one of our girls or Club Delaware to be responsible for such a thing.

Contact Me

If you have any further questions about rules for this weekend's tournament, let me know. Email or text is fastest. I'm excited about this weekend's tournament and can't wait to see you guys there! Have fun.