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April 11, 2016

You can't do big things if you are distracted by small things.

Commit to Excellence- Distraction Control

How do we keep distractions under control at this time of year? With spring activities, warmer weather, EOY school activities, and planning summer vacations (just to name a few) distractions are all around us! If we are struggling with distractions just imagine how difficult it is for our students. We have to model how to remain focused and goal oriented through the end of the year. Keep these things in play:

  • Continue with goal setting (keep students focused)
  • Maximize every minute (down time or lingering at recess or lunch is a recipe for misbehavior)
  • Keep structures and routines consistent
  • Maintain high expectations until the very last day (take care of the little things before they become big things)
  • Keep CKH and CD going strong (these are the foundations of positive behavior plan)

We've got this!

Believe in yourselves! Believe in your kids! I believe in you!


Please complete the spreadsheet that was shared with K-5 teachers on possible retentions. If students are NOT passing (reading and writing averaged and/or math) did not meet the PRSP requirements or failed STAAR in 5th grade (SSI). All parents should have been conferenced with if a student is in danger of failing. There should be no surprises. All students who do not meet the requirements to be promoted WILL HAVE a GPC meeting with the teacher, parent, myself or Mrs. Rhodes. You should schedule those for the month of May once we have our EOY data.

K-2 are DRA testing early. However, you are able to retest your below kiddos one more time to see if they will meet the required level towards the end of May.


Staff absences have increased this spring. Research shows that kids are negatively impacted by missing class time with the teacher of record. Any staff member who is absent is truly missed! Please be cognizant of these facts when requesting days off.


We will have an unannounced lock down drill in April. Please refer to the crisis management document if you have questions.

  • Lights out
  • Doors closed and locked
  • Blinds closed
  • Barracade door with desks or chairs
  • Keep kids quiet and hidden from sight
  • Do not open the door for anyone

What if an emergency happens when your class is on the playground? Our guidelines state that students should be trained that a two whistle blow is to take a knee and a one whistle blow is to line up. Please make sure to be practicing this procedure if you have not already.

Summer PD/TED Days

Everyone will have the opportunity to earn 3 TED (Time Equivalency) Days this summer to use during Thanksgiving and in February during the 16-17 school year. A summer PD catalogue will be coming out April 15th. BISD will be hosting a conference on July 26-28 (Connect 2 learn). There will be other options throughout the summer as well if July 26-28 is a conflict for you. Please be looking for this information. All PD should be relevant to your position and subject to approval.

CKH and Conscious Discipline

Please stay true to Conscious Discipline and CKH structures as these are the foundation for a classroom environment conducive to learning. Remember, relationships are key

Consicous Discipline

  • Safe place
  • Everyone has a classroom job
  • Greeting and farewell each day
  • Friends and Family Board
  • Visual Schedule


  • Greeting
  • Good Things
  • 4 questions (or questions when a child makes a poor choice/does not have to be specifically those 4 questions)
  • Grow the group activities (are your kids bickering? you may want to throw some of these activities in)
  • Launch

All pieces are crucial. Teachers who struggle with management are often leaving some of these details out. These work together to make for a classroom family that functions well together.


Thank you to everyone who came out and attended our Fun Fair (Mrs. Rhodes, Mrs. Rossman, Ms. Felix, Ms. R., Mrs. MacDonald, Ms. Cook). Thank you to Mrs. Armagost for working at the event and to the teachers who donated a gift of time of time for our silent auction.

Thank you to Mr. R. for his willingness to be pied in the face!

Thank you to Mrs. Garza and Mr. R for their willingness to help out at the front desk! They did a fabulous job!


  • Absent? It is your responsibility to put that absence into Aesop. Please visit with Linda Lopez if you are unsure how to do this.
  • If you are certified staff, please plan on attending the Technology Lunch and Learn on either Tuesday or Thursday. Please register before attending.
  • Wednesdays tutoring is until 4:45pm. This allows time for parents to pick students up. (Please do NOT schedule appointments during this time. Wednesdays should continue to be held as a committed time to school)
  • Pay to wear jeans with your Relay shirt on Wednesdays to raise funds for Relay for Life!
  • Please join our team. Search Relay for Life Brazos County. Then join the Henderson Hawks!

Mark Your Calendar!


12 Technology Lunch and Learn

HIP Meeting

PTO Meeting

13 Winning Wednesday tutoring

14 Technology Lunch and Learn

18 Gonzalez baby shower

19 Taco Casa Spirit Day

20 Winning Wednesday tutoring

22 Awards/Games Galore

Mays Business School Field Day for K-2 @ 12:30-3:00

K-2 Mays Business School Field Day 12-3

27 Winning Wednesday tutoring


6-7 Relay for Life!!

9 STAAR Math 3rd & 4th (5th makeups)

10 STAAR Reading 3rd & 4th (5th makeups)

PTO Meeting

11 STAAR Science 5th

12 Transition to Kinder Parent Meeting 6-7

16 Rossman baby shower

19 5th grade track meet

20 Henderson Career Day

24 Henderson McTeacher Night

27 Field Day

Please turn in Teacher of the Month nominations to Ms. Legg