Career Project

Video game designer By Isaiah

Education and training

This job requires a bachelors degree.

What school subjects are most important for this job?

Whe subjects i need for this job are math, and designing skills and you have to know a lot about training

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personal strengths

Why did i choose this career?

I chose this career because i like challenges and going against people.

what personal talents or skills will be needed for this job?

what personal talents or skills needed for this job are logic reasoning, understanding , clever ideas, and good vision.

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Work environment

What would it be like to work at this job?

It would be fun, challenging, and competitive.

For this job i would work in office.

This job i would have to travel all around the place.

For this job i would have a different schedule every week.

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How much money would i make for this job?

i would make $81,090

i would be payed a annual salary.

i would be paid $38.99 dollars every hour.

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Job outlook

what does the future look like for this career? it would be slower than average

will there be plenty of jobs available in 2023? there would be +6%

will there be opportunities for a promotion? yes only if my games are successful.

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