East Irondequoit Experience

What has it done for me?

My time in East Irondequoit provided me with many opportunities to grow as an educator

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Working in this district allowed me to take-risks to be a better educator. I took on an important role in RTI meetings. Being given this opportunity allowed me to learn and advance my educational knowledge early on in my career.


Communication was an essential skill I continued to develop working in East Irondequoit. Especially in my previous position as an AIS provider,I constantly collaborated with fellow educators about students we shared. This allowed me to learn and add to my educational background.
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While working in East Irondequoit, I was interacting with a diverse group of colleagues as well as students. This reminded me on a daily basis to be open minded to various learning and teaching styles.


East Irondequoit's environment encouraged me to be a reflective educator. After instruction, I felt capable to look back on what and how I taught various lessons. This is such a valuable skill to the ever improving educator. I also felt comfortable to reach out to fellow teachers to reflect with them on my instruction as well. The distrct supported this skill.
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This district provided me with the opportunity to be well-balanced. While working as an AIS provider I was also earning my Master's Degree from The College at SUNY Brockport. East Irondequoit helped to show me it was possible to balance a job and school while giving your all in both areas.


During my time in East Irondequoit, I truly experienced what caring looks like in a job setting. Due to the nature of this job, it is easy for a " family" to be formed. While working in this district, wonderful along with tragic events took place. I was able to experience what a caring and supportive environment felt like.
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In East Irondequoit I was challenged to be a thinker on a daily basis. My thoughts were considered when it came to making educational decisions. This required me to constantly think about how I would approach student based situations. I was required to think in and outside the box to provide my students with the best possible support.
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While at East Irondequoit, I took it upon myself to inquire beneficial information anytime I could. The environment through out the district, allowed me to ask questions to help me obtain the greatest potential for my instructional and educational skills. With inquiry based learning fir the students, it only seems fitting for educators to lead by example.
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My number one goal since I started my educational journey was to work in the district that inspired me to teach. Giving back to the community I was raised in would give me no greater joy. My drive is focused and I remained principled to the idea of teaching in East Irondequoit.
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