Describing the universe

Electromagnetic Spectrum and Telescope

What is Astronomy?

Astronomy is the scientific study of the earth. Astronomy is the study of celestial bodies some examples are of a celestial bodies is a nebula, black hole and a galaxy. Astronomy is important to humans because astronomers can learn about origins of the earth and also the procces involved in the formation of our solar system. Studying the universe is important because we can learn how stars shine and also may one day lead to improve our energy sources in earth. Astronomers can also learn how to protect us from a potiential catasphere such as a big collision between the asteroids and the earth.


1.Identify the visible and no visible parts of the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

2.Compare refracting telescope and reflecting telescopes.

3.Explain how telescopes for no visible Electromagnetic radiation differ from light telescope.

Astronomy Vocabulary

Describe the Electromagnetic Spectrum

The Electromagnetic Spectrum is.......
Electromagnetic Spectrum is all of frequencies of electromagnetic spectrum radiation there are visible radiation and invisible radiation. Visible radiation is a form of energy that is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, the shortest wavelengths of the are blue and violet. Human eyes can only see the visible light but, can't see invisible radiation like the red light , infrared waves , microwaves , radio waves , ultraviolet rays and gamma rays those can be detected by a special instrument that is special to detect electromagnetic radiation.
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Comparing a Refracting Telescope and Reflecting Telescope

The Refracting and Reflecting Telescope.......
A Telescope is an instrument that collects electromagnetic radiation from the sky and concentrates it for better conversation. A refracting telescope has lense that is clear to see objects shaped to bend light in a special ways. It s lenses bends light that passes through lens and focuses on the light to be magnified by an eyepiece. One problem with a refracting telescope is that the lens focuses different color of light at different distances. And also that it is very hard to make a very large lense that is required for strength and clarity. A reflecting telescope uses a curved mirror to gather and focus light from distant objects. When light enters a reflecting telescope, the light is reflected by a large curved mirror and the second mirror reflects the light to the eye piece which is a lens that magnifies and focuses the image.

Invisible light telescope

A invisible light telescope detects radio waves, gamma rays, x-rays and infrared rays. Invisible light telescope is not the the best telescope it has some problems it is hard for the telescope to detect invisible electromagnetic radiation. when water vapor can prevent the radiation from reaching the earth's surface and scientist can't get the information to study anything because the invisible light telescope provides the scientist with information about objects in space.
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Spaced Based Telescope

A Scape Bound telescope like the Hubble telescope has been launched to space to detect the electromagnetic radiation in space. It uses remarking clear images using x-rays from objects in also space bounds can detect the gamma rays from black holes. The spritzer telescope detects infrared radiation and James Webb telescope detects infrared radiation from objects in space.