Social Studys

Colonial America

The Middle, Southern, and New England colony's

Middle: Had Rich soil and a warmer climate. The Colony raised wheat. They dug up iron. They Where Founded by the Dutch. For Example James town was a settlement.

New England: They had argued that everyone had to worship the same way. The meeting house held meetings and church. Built homes and farms. The people of the town had a say in government. For example Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Southern: This colony had a warm climate. The land was flat on the coast and the soil was rich. They planted cash crops such as tobacco and rice. They also had plantations. Water for this colony was key they used it for transportation and trade. They changed the soil by planting crops. The Virginia controlled Virginia at first. North and South Carolina had good soil for farming. South Carolina relied on slaves to work on farms and do other backbreaking work. Georgia served key military roles at the these times.

Comparing and contrasting the three colony's

Same and different

They planted crops Different Climate

built Homes did not all have plantations