Living Smart

Week Five

Healthy You

Hello All,

Hopefully the other night got you thinking about your healthy living journey and what really works for you. There is no magic solution for everyone, so do what works for you. No matter what steps you take, just keep thinking about what is actually best for your body and mind!

Not everyone will be enjoying the natural toothpaste we made, but you can definately get used to it over time! For more information about the ingredients and their benefits click here.

Next week we are covering Power and Healthy Home. How to detox your home in easy steps and how to save money and power with easy actions.

We only have two more sessions left and it will all be over in a flash! So let's make the most of the two sessions we have left.

See you next week.



Bonnie's Gardening Resources.

I haven't forgot... here are the resources from our gardening night with Bonnie from Black Earth Education. Contact Bonnie here:

Events Coming Up

If you would like to help out and replant garden beds at the community centre we meet at ( and learn along the way) please email me with your interest.

Tour dates to the RRRC (to the largest industrial composter and a massive recycling centre) - June 20 and 21st at 10am. Please RSVP by emailing to me if you would like to go.

Compost and Wormfarming Workshop in Fremantle - June 28th 10am-12pm. Hands on, and you can pre-order worms to pick up on the day. RSVP Here ( $10 pp)

Thanks to Jacqui, Miles, and Sebastian for bringing some food to share for next week. See you Wednesday!