Daily Memo - Week of January 19

Building Successful Futures - Every Student, Every Day

January 22

Happy Friday!! It's been a pretty short week this week! I hope you all enjoy a nice weekend. This weekend is the Chamber Banquet and it's western wear, so after school I'm off to St. Joe Boot to find me some great cowgirl attire! Yeehaw!!

Office Schedules

I'm the only one here today so I have no idea what I will be doing!! If you need anything just call the office! We will be covering Craig Hanzel and Jim Smith from within today so please bear with us if we need help with subs.


Bryon, David, Shelby, Craig, Jim, Audrey, Roni, Andrew, Matt, Lee, Jenna, Melissa Hale and Melissa Swenson

Redmen Time Form


January 21

Today will kick off our basketball tournament in Pittsburg! We will have quite a few subs in the building and a few will have to be covered from within. Please help us out the next few days! David and Shelby will be leaving early with the team and Bryon will head out this afternoon. We will be at our District Leadership Team from 12:45-2:30 today. We have a ton of teachers helping us today, thank you so much for doing this!!


ISS - W. Scott

A. Lillie - D. McDermed - PM

A. Trowbridge - from within

L. Supple - M. Bryan

B Neidinger - D. Hansen

M. Hall - from within

M. Jansen - Dunn

R. Ettleman - Scott

January 20

Office Schedules

David: 9 Appt, 4 Bowling

Bryon: Nothing scheduled at this time

Lindsey: 9:30 Tammy, 11 Janet, 3 Appt, 6 College Class


ISS - K. Wright

M. Hale - W. Scott

B. Corey - M. Caylor

B. Neidinger - A. Loew

R. Ettleman - M. Wohlgemuth

January 19

Happy very cold Tuesday! It was nice to have yesterday off and nown a four day work week, which sometimes is a little crazy!! Also with out visit coming up next week, if you have any student work let's put some up on the walls!

Office schedules

Lindsey - 10 leadership Atchison


M.Hale - w.scott

ISS- k Wright



Article of the week

Great article about culture. http://connectedprincipals.com/archives/12204 The last two sentences are my favorite, "I challenge you to look at the signs around your school. They often say a lot more recent than what we notice at first glance." So take a look at our signs our there any that are conveying a message that goes against our mission and vision?