The Sewer Drain

The story of my Q-Link.

Q-Link - Is it really that special?

Q-Link is a brand of products, (mine being a necklace) have special "magnets" that protect against EMF radiation, and increase your well being. After a while though, the magnets run out of charge, and they don't do anything, except for look cool. Mine, is way out of charge.

An excerpt from my memoir...

I slowly crept my arm towards the devious bars, hoping that my necklace’s lurking fate was not growing near. As I my fingers crept towards the necklace, it happened. That night, at dinner, I asked my family if they noticed something different. They tried their hardest to figure it out, but I soon told them what happened. “Mom, dad, my Q-Link is in a sewer drain.”

What I learned...

From losing my Q-Link, I learned how much things mean to me. My necklace means more to me than anything.