The Maze Runner

James Dashner lexile level is 60

My favorite scene when the grievers attack the glade and Thomas tries to fight back


In this story Thomas gets sent to a maze when he wakes up he has no memory. He meets a lot of people and they call him greenie because they do not is name yet. He comes out of the the box and starts to run. That night they have a stake out and Thomas gets introduced to everyone at the glade. Thomas meets a kid named Newt and they talk about the maze and how it changes. There rule is when you get a new comer that they have to wrestle someone so Gally got to wrestle Thomas , Thomas gets hit really hard and remembers his name. Then a girl come up from the box and they are suprized because it is the first girl ever there. When they go to see her they find a strange note in her hand and it said shes the last one ever, the gladers are really confused , then out of no were she jumps up and yells "Thomas" and all the gladers look at Thomas and ask him if he knows her, he dose not know her she fell into a coma and when she woke up she was going to kill someone and he go's to talk to her and she asks why cant i remember anything and Thomas said that it was all normal and your name will come back in a few days. she tells hi that her name is Treasa . Thomas meets a kid named Minno and they run they make him a runner right after Thomas saved his life. Minno and Thomas run the maze and find the griever they killed and there is something blinking inside its body. Minno pulls it out and it starts to beep.After all that happens they decide to keep it a secret from the gladers just till they no want is happening. The next day they go running the maze to find out that the device that they have is a way to get them out of the maze. The find the way out and every thing starts changing instantly and they run out of the maze, after that the doors for the maze would not close and they fear for the grievers will come and attack the glade which they did a lot of people got hurt or died. The next morning they get a group meeting to tell people about the device and where it lead them and they think it can get them out of the maze. so that day right after the meeting they have a hour to get ready to run the maze with a huge group. They get near the place that Thomas and Minno traveled to and they fight a lot of grievers .They get to go inside something called the griever hole. then they get inside the hole and Treasa asks for the maze code and Minno tells her. Than the walls close and they are safe from the grievers and they find there way out. they go to this strange lab were there good friend Chuck dies right before Thomas's eyes because of Gally, Gally dies a while after and they get taken by this group of people and they get to start a new trial