Show me, Don't Tell Me

Practice your writing skills

Writing Tips

When writing a story, remember that you don't want to just tell the reader by using boring words. Use descriptive words and describe what you are talking about so the reader can picture it.

Read the boring sentences below and rewrite it to be more descriptive.

Here are some examples of how to make a boring sentence more descriptive.

The dog ran across the street. BORING!

I trembled as the dirt colored pit bull bounded across the street at me riding my bike. AWESOME

I was so scared. BORING

My face and palms were dripping with sweat as I crouched in the shadows of the old house wondering if we would make it out! AWESOME

Your Turn!

1. I ate pizza.

2. I jumped in the pool.

3. We were tired.

Story Starters

You will use this site to give you an idea for a story. Do your best to describe the idea that you are given. Make sure to give as many details during the story so other people can see what you are describing.

Prompts to write about

1. Choose one of the following prompts to write about.

2. Do some brainstorming on a sheet of paper to get your ideas in order. Have Mr. E or your class teacher check it.

3. Once you have your brainstorming approved you can start writing your story.

4. Log into your Google Drive account and create a new document.

5. Make sure to title your document what your story is going to be about and start writing.

6. When you are finished, make sure to proof read and revise before showing Mr. E or your class teacher.

Choice 1- Imagine that you could "invent" the perfect sibling. What would this dream brother or sister be like?

Choice 2- Describe a time you and your sibling(s) did something and had to agree to "not tell mom and dad".

Choice 3- Choose a person you admire and write a letter nominating that person for an award.

When you are finished, make sure to share your story with Mr. Elmhorst and your classroom teacher.