This Week in Room 108

Weekly Happenings in Miss Quaresima's First Grade Class

November 4 - 8, 2013

Dates that Rate

October 29 - November 14th: Operation Santa (see below for more info)

November 1st - December 5th: Home & School Association "Toys for Tabor" Collection

November 5th: Picture Retake Day

November 6th: Early Dismissal - 11:55am

November 7th: Race for Education

November 11th: Veteran's Day Assembly

November 15th: Student Advisory Spirit Day - "Sports Attire"

November 15th: Scholastic Book Orders Due

November 18th: Report Cards Go Home

November 25th: Full Day of School for Students - PM Parent Conferences

November 26th: Early Dismissal - 11:55am - PM Parent Conferences

November 27 - 29th: Thanksgiving Recess - No School

Don't Forget!

Mondays - Wear your sneakers for P.E.

Fridays - Bring your library books back to school

Box Tops - Keep sending in your box tops! The November winner will be announced soon!

Fall Conferences

Conference schedules noting your pre-selected time slots will be sent home on November 6th in the Wednesday folder. Please keep an eye out for the schedule. I look forward to seeing you during conferences.

Operation Santa

Since 2004 the Marine Corps Family Foundation, along with the dedicated help of Marine Corps families and friends, sent Christmas-in-a-Box to more than 125,000 Marines deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Please help us by donating the following items between October 29th - November 12th:

  • K- 3rd grade: Hot Chocolate, Snack Bars & Fruit Snacks
  • 4th - 6th grades: Playing Cards, Travel-size Amenities, Frisbees, Footballs, Sporting goods, etc..

In School this Week...

Word Wall

The Word Wall is a great writing tool in our classroom. I do not expect the students to memorize each word wall word, but they do need to be aware that the words are on the wall, so they can use them as a reference when writing in the classroom.

You will see a sheet of word wall cards come home in your child's homework folder every Monday. Please practice these words with your child at home. Check the Word Wall section of our classroom website for a list of our word wall words.

This week's word wall words are:

eat, get, him, that, want


This week is our first week of spelling. A list of spelling words came home today in your child’s homework folder. There will be 6 new spelling words each week and 2 challenge words. The spelling words are chosen based on our Word Sort focus for the week.

Check the Spelling section of our classroom website for a list of our spelling words.

This week's spelling words are:

chin, chip, shin, ship, chug, shot, **shirt, **cheese

Shared Reading

In reading this week, we are reading the story, Time for Bed. Our phonics focus this week will be identifying beginning and ending consonant digraphs such as –ch, -sh, -wh, -th. Our shared reading focus this week is making connections to the text while reading. We will practice making connections from the book to ourselves (text-to-self), from the book to another book (text-to-text), and from the book to the world around us (text-to-world).

This is a great skill to practice at home. After reading with your child, ask your child to tell you a connection he/she has to the story. For example, "This story reminds me of _____ because in the story ______." In class we have discussed that the story Time for Bed reminds us of our parents tucking us in at bedtime because in the story the animal parents tuck in the baby animals.

Everyday Math

This week in math we will be counting a combination of pennies, nickels, and dimes. We will also review how to solve frames and arrows diagrams. These are important skills to practice at home with your child.

At the end of the week, we will begin to develop our problem solving skills as we look closer at word problems and problem solving strategies.

Social Studies

This week we will be learning about school helpers. Each afternoon, we will take a trip to the Titus Dining Room to learn more about how Mr. Cashman, Mrs. Horan, Mrs. Wendell-Wesolowich, and Mr. Riley are helpers at Titus. We will use what we have learned to create a book about helpers at Titus.

In the Computer Lab...

The Titus Home and School association has purchased a one year license for BrainPOP, which is a very interactive online source for virtually every subject and topic associated with our elementary curriculum. We are now able to access BrainPOP, BrainPOPjr, and BrainPOP Español for both home and school.

In First Grade, we use the BrainPOPjr site at several times a week. Please visit the site with your children at home and encourage them to tell you about the activities we've completed in school.

Login: titus

Password: tigers

Here are some videos pertaining to what we have been learning recently in first grade:




th, sh, and wh


Counting Coins

Equivalent Coins

Check the Computer Lab Links page on our classroom website to find more fun learning games your child can practice at home.