Human rights


China already maintains Party control over all judicial institutions. So they already have a lot of power and there's not much the people of china can do about the government violating human rights. That gives the government more of a chance of violating the peoples rights.


Freedom of Expression- Freedom of expression deteriorated in 2013, especially after the government launched an effort for micr blogging. The government and the Party have control over all media and publications

Freedom of Religion- Although the constitution guarantees freedom of religion, the government restricts religious practices to only approved mosques, churches, temples, and monasteries organized by five religious organizations.

Women’s Rights- Women’s reproductive rights and access to reproductive health are decided by chinas population planning regulations. While the government announced in November that Chinese couples will now be allowed two children if either parent was a single child, it does not change the foundations of China’s government-enforced family planning policy.


Amnesty International has documented human rights violations in China. An estimated 500,000 people are currently getting detention without charge or trial, and millions are unable to access the legal system.