Warren Scholarships


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TCTA Scholarship - due Aug. 31, 2020

TCTA Scholarship - due Aug, 31, 2020

  • Must be a graduating senior (class of June 2020)
  • Must be a child or legal dependent of a Northside Classroom Teacher Association member
  • Parent or guardian must be a member of Northside CTA for 2 years
  • Must be eligible to attend a two or four year college or university
  • Northside CTA member must have attended 1 meeting during the school year

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Abbott & Fenner- due June 12, 2020

Abbott & Fenner- due June 12, 2020

  • Be a high school junior or senior or currently enrolled in any accredited post secondary institution
  • Submit an essay (topic on website)

2020 TEXTESOL II Scholarship - Due June 30th

2020 TEXTESOL II Scholarship - due June 30, 2020

  • Must be a graduating high school senior
  • Must have been classified/self-identified as English Language Learner (ELL) / English Learner (EL) / English as a Second Language (ESL) Learner / Bilingual student
  • Must be entering post-secondary education
  • Strongly recommended: Referred by a TEXTESOL II member

2020 Texas Hill Country Wine - Due Nov. 1, 2020

2020 Texas Hill Country Wine - due Nov. 1, 2020

  • Must be a Texas resident enrolled in a school or college program related to the wine industry
  • Scholarships are awarded to graduating high school seniors and/or a college student in a related industry program

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AMVET scholarship - Due April 30

AMVET Scholarship

  • Must be a United States Citizen
  • Must provide evidence of active duty status or veteran status having served honorably
  • Must demonstrate financial need - Must have a high school diploma or GED* (can send senior year transcript)
  • Must be enrolled or accepted for enrollment to an eligible program
  • Must not be in default on a federal student loan
  • Must not be convicted under state or federal law for sale of or possession of illegal drugs
  • Must agree to authorize AMVETS to publicize your scholarship award, if you are selected

Mexican American Bar Association - Due May 15, 2020

Mexican American Bar Association

  • Have at least a 3.0 grade point average.
  • Be a high school senior currently enrolled in an accredited secondary school.

Steubing Elementary PTA Scholarship-Due May 8, 2020

Steubing Elementary PTA Scholarship

  • The student must be a graduate of an NISD high school

  • The student must have attended Steubing Elementary for at least two years.

  • The student must exhibit behavior consistent with the NISD Pillars of Character and the Steubing Elementary Mission Statement:

MASBA 2020 Scholarship - Due May 15

MASBA 2020 Scholarship

  • Must write a few short answer's.
  • Must participate in extra-curricular activities
  • Must have some community service hours

David Molak Kindness Scholarship - Due April 30, 2020

David Molak Kindness Scholarship

  • You are wholeheartedly inspired by the vision of a kinder world and show the character and commitment to undertake initiatives of kindness that create a positive impact in your school and community.
  • You have consistently demonstrated your commitment to positive actions that affect the social, emotional, character, and citizenship environment of your school.
  • You inspire others through your actions and your strong character. You do not tolerate bullying and are always an upstander, never a bystander.
  • You are compassionate, aware, open-minded, creative, and innovative.
  • You can nominate yourself or someone else.

Travis W Watkins Scholarship - Due April 30, 2020

Travis W Watkins Scholarship

  • For any current or soon-to-be student who has had his or her family’s life altered because of tax controversies
  • The Travis W. Watkins Scholarship has a brief and 100% confidential submission process, and applicants will be judged on their ability to convey the importance of tax compliance as well as the journey of those challenges (including the impact of professional tax representation or lack of representation on the outcome).
  • Students applying must submit an essay where you explain, present, inspire, or otherwise convince us as to why you deserve to win this scholarship. There are no conditions or requirements for this essay. Please keep submissions to 5 paragraphs and 600 words at the absolute maximum.

HomeLight Scholarship - Due April 15, 2020

HomeLight Scholarship

  • Be a legal U.S. resident in high school or college
  • Plan to attend an accredited university or college in Fall 2020
  • Study an area related to the housing market such as: Interior Design, Architecture, Construction, Urban Planning, Real Estate, Business, Social Work, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Economics, Sociology

Warren Athletic Booster Club Scholarship - Due April 17, 2020

Warren Athletic Booster Club Scholarship

• A minimum grade average of 85.

• A minimum of two (2) recommendation forms from a coach, teacher, trainer or administrator (excluding the principal).

• Student/Family Profile (page 2 of packet) must be filled out completely.

• Student Activities & Awards Form must be filled out, signed and dated.

Women in Public Finance – Texas Chapter - Due April 17, 2020

Women in Public Finance – Texas Chapter

  • A woman pursuing an undergraduate degree in the upcoming school year
  • Texas Resident High School Senior for the current academic school year
  • Attending a Texas Institution of higher education in the fall of this year
  • Minimum GPA 3.0 on a 4.0 scale

Erika Knode Memorial Scholarship - Due April 17, 2020

Erika Knode Memorial Scholarship

  • Have a diagnosis of epilepsy/seizure disorder
  • Provide proof of acceptance to a post-secondary academic or vocational program
  • Be a High School Senior or currently enrolled at a trade school, college, or university and be in good standing
  • Be a legal resident of Central and South Texas

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc - Due April 24, 2020

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., Alpha Phi Sigma Chapter 2020 Scholarship

  • Must be a 2020 graduating high school senior receiving a diploma by June 30, 2020
  • Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or an 80 or above