Nord's Newsletter

January 20-23, 2015


We will continue to work on making inferences this week. Our reading routine was off last week with me giving the FAST testing to the students. There will be a substitute on Tuesday for me in the morning so I can finish up with testing.


Unit 6 will be devoted to building fact power. There are four main areas we will focus on during this unit.
  • fact-finding strategies
  • review coin values, measurements, and time,
  • to develop procedures for addition/subtraction problem, and
  • to introduce My Reference Book.

**Overall, the students are doing wonderful with their addition facts. 81% of the students are proficient with their addition facts and but only 45% of the students are proficient with subtraction. The goal for first grade is 26-30 correct in 5 minutes. There are wonderful websites to practice math fact fluency. Here are a couple:

What I like about the above website is that it is FREE and has many

different areas in math to work on. Also, you can select the number(length) of

problems to do, level and click focus to only practice a particular fact like the 9's or



We will start Chapter 2 this week in our Forces and Motion unit. On Tuesday, the students will do an inquiry activity on gravity and the rest of the week will spent on learning more about it. The BIG question the students need to be able to answer is "What is Gravity?"

Schedule for the Week

Monday: No School
Tuesday: Library
Wednesday: Art
Thursday: Music & PE
**Bring 100th Day Snack food items for those who signed up.**
Friday: Guidance & Computer Lab