Tech TidBits

(A Supplement to TechBytes)

This newsletter will highlight some of the most frequently asked questions from faculty

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I get an Announcement (from Classroom) to display on the Calendar?

You don't, unfortunately. Right now it is only assignments that show up on Calendar

automatically. However, you can add an event directly to your CALENDAR that will display

like an announcement and your students will be able to see it.

2) Why aren't my students seeing their assignments in Calendar? I am using Classroom and I thought you said it went to Calendar automatically?

It does go automatically, but you may need to help it along. This has not been consistent,

but, if students are not seeing your assignments in Calendar (and you are posting them in

Classroom), have them go to the About Section of Classroom and click on "Open in Google


3) I have a Teacher Page but it is not on the school Website. How can I make it live?

When you are in Edit Mode (pencil showing), hit the wheel/gear (third button) and select

Sharing and Permissions near the bottom. This page will allow you to make the site public.

Select "Change" and then select "Public on the Web." After you save it you will copy the link

to share. Send this link to Skye and ask her to put your site on the school Website.

4) I can see my Calendar and my students can, but parents are unable. How do I change this?

It is important to check that your calendar is public for all to see and not just for our

domain. Open your calendar and click on the down arrow of the calendar you intend

to display. From the down arrow select "Share this calendar." On this screen, you should

see a check mark in the TOP TWO BOXES - Share this calendar with others and Make this

calendar public. If they are not both checked off, your calendar will not be seen by anyone

outside our domain. You will have to do this for all your classes.

5) I have more than one class and I want to display a calendar for each. Do I have to have separate calendars for each class on my Teacher Page?

No! It seems to be working well that you can display more than one calendar on one single calendar. Some people have separate calendars and like that option so you do not have to change that, but if you want to, here's how:

Open your Teacher Page and hit the pencil to edit. Click on the box where the calendar is and then hit the gear/wheel to open the calendar. This will open a menu. At the top select "Display another Calendar." This will open your calendar menu. Add as many calendars as you want (has to be done individually though) and they will automatically color code themselves.

6) How do I change the color of the calendar I have displayed on

Follow the steps from above and when you have the calendar menu open you will see the calendars that you have displayed in random colors. Hover all the way to the right of that calendar and you will see a drop down arrow. Select that and choose whatever color you want.

7) I am inputting work into Classroom and it is not displaying on my Teacher Page - I don't think that I have the correct calendar.

That is most likely the correct answer - not the right calendar - unless you are still using last year's Classroom (you should not be). So, we need to change the calendar to reflect the classroom. Follow the same steps as number 5 and display the calendar you want first, then hover over the right side of the one you do not and hit down arrow. This will allow you to remove the one you don't want/need while keeping the one you do.

8) Can't I just use the same Classroom as I did last year and just delete the old students?

Nooo! A much better option is to start a new Classroom and just us the "Reuse Posts" option to add assignments and announcements. Besides having to work backward you may encounter glitches that will cause you more hassle than its worth.

9) I set my homework due date for a specific time but it shows up at another time on the calendar. How can I fix that?

More than likely your timezone is incorrect. Again, follow step 5 to open the calendar menu and when it is open, look to see that you have the correct time zone.

10) Do we have to use Guardian Summaries for Classroom?

No. This is a very new tool, so feel free to explore it if you would like, but being that we already provide the parent and student portal, this is not something that we require.

Keep your questions coming!

I am happy to continue posting questions that multiple people are having as a means to help even more. If any of this is confusing please let me know.

Email me or call x2504 if you need help.