Sectionalism "Fold able"

By Jonathan Pintar

Danial Webster ( Would Support The North)

The North "Billy Yanky"

The Northern Part of the united states was by far more wealthy then the south. They were more wealthy largely due to their economy and a geographic location. Their economy was great because they were powered by industry and trade. However with this economy came with a fair labor source where they had to pay their workers. They would have Women in the textile factories for labor or just your "average Joe" in the factories. The north can thank their nice geographic location for their economy. The north had some good Natural harbors to help with trading and commerce so selling and buying supplies was easy and made an industrial based economy effective. However with being in the north was a double edge sword. The north's soil was terrible it was very rocky and not suitable for farming and was very cold. The north Believes in Federal Supremacy to improve living conditions for the common man. With federal Supremacy it dictated that the Government was supreme and controlled most aspects of the law.

Opinions on Controversial topics. (North)

Uncle Tom's Cabin : This book showcased how terribly the southerns took care of their slaves, they had the most inhumane way of taking care of them.

Dred Scott v Sanford: An absolute outrageous case! Free men and slaves are citizens they should have the basic rights like every one else!

Election Of 1860 and the founding of the republican party: This was a great time where we finally had the pushing powers to end slavery and united the nation.

Fugitive Slave Act : An act that is ridiculous it allows slave owners to keep their slaves even on free territory. That basically means that no territory or state is free as long as slaves remain slaves!


  1. restriction of interest to a narrow sphere; undue concern with local interests or petty distinctions at the expense of general well-being.

John C Calhoun (would support the south)

The South "Johnny Reb"

The south ran a more agriculture based economy. This wast mostly due to geographic location. The south contrary to the north had really good farming conditions. They had very fertile soil, nice warm weather, as well as decent rain fall. However with agriculture the south relied on the labor force of slaves. The reason why slaves were great was because they were cheap work that you didnt have to constantly pay. However this was very very wrong. The issues with this came that you were treating another human being like an animal or even worse just a piece of property to be used. Partly due to their economy and beliefs the south was more in favor of States rights. Like preferred to due as they please and that a government was their mostly as general ruling and not supreme ruler.

Opinions on Controversial Topics. (South)

Uncle Tom's Cabin : This book was a sham it over exaggerated the conditions of slaves. The book is almost like a fairy tail, all over exaggerated and full of lies.

Dred Scott vs Sanford : Case truly well thought out! To be honest it makes no since for a slave or a free man to have rights! They don't count as citizens shoot they are just property.

Election of 1860 and The Founding Of The Republican Party: This threw the south over the line. The government has gone to far trying to end slavery and how this Lincoln guy got elected.

Fugitive Slave Act: Finally our slaves don't instantly become free just because they are on free soil. This helps us retain more of our slaves and lose less profit. A Great act that boosted our economy!