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Monthly Newsletter ~ May ~ Ryan and Kyle Radaker


It's Spring and turning quickly into Summer! We're enjoying more time outside, but if you have respiratory issues, you might need a little "back-up". The Breathe essential oil is a favorite of everyone (combining it with lavender or serenity at night is PERFECT!:)! The Breathe oil has been put into the respiratory drops and a Vapor Stick that you can apply topically to chest, back or throat. We use both products regularly before exercise and in the morning to "get going". Other oils that support optimal respiratory function are: cardamom, douglas fir, white fir, eucalyptus, and cedarwood. Note: Cedarwood is the product of the month that you get FREE with 125PV over, and the entire Breathe kit comes FREE with a 200PV order!!!
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I Quick Review of Your DōTerra Account and How It Works (from the March newsletter:)

Let's REVIEW...

~ In your first order with dōTerra, there was a membership built in. This is like a Sam's Club card that saves a you a TON on products every time you order and also makes you eligible for all the specials. Here's a breakdown of things you should know:

1. If you order 50pv (point value) of product a month (not hard to do:), you have points that add up every time an order ships that you use can use for FREE product. Anytime.

2. If you keep an 100PV order per month (i.e.- household cleaning products or supplements), you get the points, but you are also eligible for commission checks from dōTerra...yep... you get a check, if your social security number is on file with them. Our oils help pay for themselves every month. detergent, cleaning concentrate, soap, shampoo, supplements, etc. If you're not sure if your SS# is on file, text or call us and we'll get it in!

3. If you have an 125pv order, you get all of the above plus a full size product of the month...its always great! This month it is a bottle of Wild Orange, which you can't buy on its own!

4. Some months, like this one, we run a 200pv special, which is always amazing because then you get the product of the month AND another 200pv product!!!

5. We always contact you all personally to see what you'd like to add to your order and see when you'd like a shipment, etc. For those of you who are "seasoned", and would like to run your own orders, you can simply go to www.mydoterra.com and put in your ID number (in the first email you got from dōTerra) and everyone's password on our team is the same so that I can help everyone! It is either peppermint or Peppermint1. (The people who more recently began using the products have Peppermint1 because they changed the password standard:) We will STILL contact every one personally about their orders...we love to help and answer questions.

6. You can modify your cart and edit the shipping date at anytime on your order. *Remember: The 1st-15th is when you get the free product of the month!

~ The Facebook group "New: Rooted Essentials" always has the specials of the month! Plus, the dōTerra website has all the information you need!