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Customer Care Newsletter: September/October 2012

Welcome, one and all, to another sparkling edition of the customer care newsletter!

With all the exciting developments in our department, it's been a challenge to keep up, but we're pressing on, full steam, into holiday (and sale) season! In this installment, we'll go head-to-head with roller derby darling and customer care phenom Crystal Rupp. We'll also celebrate the best part about cooling temps with a special segment dedicated to our advocates' favorite fall activities.

High Five

Words of encouragement from awesome to awesomest ...

5. Hi there!! I just wanted to say how awesome ModCloth is. I LOVE your styles and the customer service is extraordinary. I bought a dress that ripped, and I had a new one on my doorstep in less than a week -- very refreshing after battling with so many other companies over returns! You guys are great!! (Facebook)

4. You folks are doing a fantastic job! You actively look for ways to give the best customer service and that's what I look for in a shop. Every transaction with ModCloth ends on a happy note. I know I'll be coming back! (undisclosed ticket)

3. You guys are amazing! Thank you so much! Customer service is SUCH a huge and important factor, and I love companies that take care of their employees with compassion. It definitely makes or breaks it for me as a shopper, and I will definitely continue to shop with and love ModCloth. (Ticket #278661)

2. Thanks so much for the discount, sincerely. At the risk of sounding like too much of a bloated windbag on the subject of digital marketing and CRM, I have to say that going the extra mile like this, and breaking the rules for a loyal customer, is the absolute right thing to do. By going the 'extra mile', you've cemented my allegiance to ModCloth. It's just a cool thing to do and I'm happy to support a company that grants its employees the latitude to make such sound judgement calls. (undisclosed ticket)

1. I wanted to send a note to recognize your company for amazing customer service. I am beyond impressed and am so thankful that there are companies out there that treat their customers so well.

I was looking for the perfect dress for a special occassion and came across your site. After looking at your products, I fell in love. I worked with your customer service team and a stylist, and ended up ordering a dress in two sizes. It arrived, and unfortunately, both sizes were a little big. I contacted customer service to figure out what to do and was impressed by how easily it could be returned/exchanged. Believe me, most places are not easy! There is always some sort of catch. I ended up getting the same dress in a smaller size. However, I made a mistake of not entering the correct shipping information. I was slightly worried because of my travel schedule, that I might not be around to get it! Your amazing customer service team fixed my mistake and I am so very thankful for this.

You have a wonderful team of employees and I wanted to make sure that they get the recognition that they deserve. I've worked with many of them via chat and phone call and am very impressed. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be utilizing your company for more fun items to fill my closet. :-) I have also passed along your name to several friends and will continue to do so. It's refreshing to find companies like yours!

Thank you so much again for all that you do. (undisclosed ticket)

Care Corner

Meet advocate Crystal Rupp: Customer Care's very own righteous babe ...

Pittsburgh Derby Girls
Like any ModGal, there's more to care advocate Crystal Rupp than meets the eye. Within just a few short months, Rupp has proven herself a worthy opponent when it comes to delivering friendly, and ever-efficient service within the ranks of ModCloth customer care. And while she's enjoying her time as an advocate, and a liaison for the user experience team, at some point, she fancies the chance to take the helm in a role that highlights her leadership skills, and of course, maximizes her competitive nature.

When she's not charging through interactions like a champ, the self-professed fast food junkie and former Baltimorean enjoys the camaraderie and competitive nature of roller derby, where she competes under the alias 'BB Basher'. Rupp, or Ms. Basher, has been a part of the Steel City Roller Derby (Steel City Demons) since mid 2006. In that time, she's skated by with an occasional sprained knee, but has seen injuries including broken collar bones and dislodged teeth. It's all a part of the gig. Rupp values the thrill of representing PGH as a part of the city's only all-female league, and previously acted as the PR point person for the independently operated team.

Check out the video above for a rundown of the sport from Bahser herself.

For now, Rupp is plenty busy with work and studies, and though she is not actively skating, she still makes time to support her team. If you want to witness some derby action, and support your local teams in the process, mark your calendars for the upcoming double-header game on October 20th:

Featured teams:

The Black Rose Rollers (Hanover,PA) vs
The B-Unit (Steel City's B Team)

Allegheny Avengers vs

Monongahela Monsters (Both PGH teams)

Doors @6 p.m. Games begin @7 p.m.

Tickets are $10 in advance or $15 @ the door

Kids 10 and under get in free

Romp N Roll
1661 E. Sutter Rd
Glenshaw, PA 15116 (map directions)
Phone 412-486-4117

For info, visit

Would You? Could You?

If customers could change anything ...

Hey, guys! Thanks so much for your amazing range and overall site. I really love it. I wanted to make a suggestion because I just noticed that when I'm viewing my wishlists, I can't categorize the items in a way that would allow me to search just these items. For instance, I can't simply bring up all the dresses in one particular list, or view items that I've put in a list, that are also on sale. A function that would allow customers to shop all items they save to lists would be appreciated. (Incident# 290003)

You know how you have a coat warmth scale? I think it would be really helpful if you had a similar scale for water-repellent handbags. It's one think to judge based on material, but it's another if there's some direct indication (not as a guarantee, but a recommendation) of that. This only occurred to me because I really need more waterproof bags for winter. Thanks! (Incident #302228)

One For The Team

Customers profess their 'Mod' love ...

You are the best site I've ever come across! It's like I've found a little gem -- a site that sells unique, beautiful vintage with contemporary design in all facets of life, from the kitchen, to the office, to the wardrobe! I just wanted to show my appreciation for your great site! I feel like a little girl in a candy store. Thank you for supplying for those who have an eye for unique products! May I also add that your packaging is a delight! I love that the box has gorgeous messages written on it. Thanks again for your great products, your hard work, and dedication to a wonderful site! (undisclosed ticket)

I wanted to let you all know what an excellent online shopping experience I have had here! Every garment is true to size, and the explanations are so detailed and correct, that all the clothes I've ordered fit perfectly. Thank you for being efficient in all aspects -- 100% shopping satisfaction! (Facebook)

Dear ModCloth,

I adore you. For years, I've been meandering through your site, waiting for a golden opportunity to order fabulous things, and that opportunity came! I just received the "Ink Twice" flat - which I refuse to take off because they are so incredible. I also ordered the "Play It Again" ring (adorable), and a few more delightful tokens. Plus, I referred a friend, so now I have an extra $20 to spend! Today was my Christmas! Thank you, again, for being so wonderful. I feel like a truly confident woman when I wear your products, and I love that. (undisclosed ticket)

Adventures in Care: 'Fall About It'

Care bears offer up their favorite things about fall ...

Advocate Shannon Black: "My favorite thing about fall is drinking pumpkin beer and dressing up like a zombie! And my favorite fashion of fall has to be... tights! I love wearing tights and believe they can really complete a look."
Advocate Susan Chunko: " I love Halloween when the kids come to the door! I love to see their costumes and watch their eyes pop out when I give out the candy. I give out the BIG candy bars!!--haven't had my windows soaped or egged in years!"

"Thanksgiving--it's always at my house--It's my favorite holiday dinner to prepare--it can be a lot of work (I make my pies, stuffing, mashed potatoes and most vegetables from scratch), but I love having everyone around the table eating their fill (usually anywhere from 10-20 people!!) Love to smell the turkey cooking while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade!"

Lead Cara Aiken: "I LOVE fall! My favorite would probably be going to Seven Springs with my family (including my dog Max), which we do every year, but I also love Halloween, and carving pumpkins, and playing in the leaves!"
Lead Paula Warywoda: "I love fall because it gives me a chance to wear my favorite sweater with a pair of jeans and some boots. The sweater is around 15 years old. It's nice to be able to enjoy a nice fall walk while remaining snuggly warm!!"
Advocate Nicole Miele: " Favorite fall activity is going to pumpkin patches."
Advocate Trent Michaels: "Mine is definitely sweater-weather, I also love the pretty leaves."
Advocate Rachel Buckman: "Just taking a stroll outside in the crisp air to take in all of the beautifully colored leaves, and fall scenery, with a coffee in hand."
Communications and Training Specialist Stephanie Yeager: "I love any kind of latte with cinnamon, and jumping in piles of leaves (I will never be too old for that)."
Advocate Candace Haywood: "Pumpkin patches, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin pies...and just about everything else pumpkin."