Alfred Binet

His contributions to intelligence testing

The Intelligence Test

Alfred Benet was a french psychologist and was one of the first to develop the standard intelligence test. Alfred Binet helped develop one of the first and best intelligence scales. His intelligence scales contributed to psychology and intelligence testing, and still do to this very day
Alfred Binet and Intelligence Testing [HPsy 8B]

Aptitude V acheivment testing

''This meta-analytic synthesis of evaluation findings from 40 studies showed that students can raise their scores on aptitude and achievement tests by taking practice forms of the tests. The size of the gains from practice appeared to be a function of three factors. First, gains were larger when identical forms of a test were used for practice and criterion measurement and were smaller when parallel forms were used. Second, the size of the effect increased with the number of practice tests given. And finally, the size of effect was influenced by the ability level of the population studied; gains were larger for subjects of high ability than they were for subjects of low ability.''(copy/pasted)


Aptitude V acheivment testing 2

  • Aptitude testing is effective to gauge the likely hood that a student will actually pass and perform in school
  • Achievement testing is used to scale the knowledge that the student has already learned.
  • There is no specific way to prepare for an aptitude test.
  • While one could study and prepare for an acheivment test