The Girl That Was Supposed to Die

By: April Henry

Book Review By Kayla Owens

When Cady woke up it was to the voices of two men talking about killing her, she was bound at the hands and feet dazed and confused. Sounds scary right? Even though Cady had no clue who she was, she wasn't scared. When Cady managed to escape, things kept going down hill from there. It wasn't until she stopped to eat that she met the boy that was potentially going to save her life, his name was Ty.

With the men still on her trail Ty helped Cady escape from danger, only for a little while. He sticks by her through everything, even when things get tricky. Ty refuses to leave her side until she is safe. Ty and Cady escape the men multiple times. When they finally get in contact with Cadys family, there is still one more thing they need to take care of. This book is full of adventure and suspense always making you want to turn the page to find out more.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes being on the edge of their seat, never knowing what's going to happen next. Even though this book has a traditional, everyone lives happily ever after ending, it is still a good book worth the read. You can check out the book trailer below !

The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die Book Trailer

April Henry

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