Bertrand Halperin

Hollis professor of mathmatics and natural philosophy

Date of birth and place

December 6, 1941 in New York, New York
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1961: AB, Harvard University
1963: MA, University of California, Berkeley
1965: PhD, University of California, Berkeley

Contribution to Physics

Halperin was awarded a wolf prize "for key insights into the broad range of condensed matter physics: two- dimensional melting, disordered systems and strongly interacting electrons." (found on wolf prize website)
also as stated on the Harvard faculty website he had major contributions in "theories of static and dynamic critical phenomena, including melting and other phase transitions in two-dimensional systems; quantum antiferromagnets in one and two dimensions, one-dimensional metals; superconductivity; low-temperature properties of glasses; and transport in inhomogeneous media. "

Research Summary

His interest is in researching the theory of condensed matter systems and statistical physics. Some of his current research includes the theory of electron states and transport of small particles of a metal or semiconductor.Today Halperin is a professor at Harvard in which he passes his physics knowledge to studentsand much of his work has been motivated by expiriments carried out in labs at Harvard. His research has made a big impact on physics today.


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