liver cancer

Possible causes of cancer?

The job of the liver is to break down toxins and cleanse the blood in our body. Things like drinking and taking too many pills at a time can disrupt the liver. Over time and over the course of the age the liver will get weaker which can cause the liver to get all these illnesses and diseases such as cancer. Most of the time the cancer cells don't start in the liver but in the organs around the liver and eventually it spreads out to the liver. The closest organs to the liver are the intestines and the stomach and rectum.

How prevalent is cancer?

Cancer is very common in this generation but liver cancer isn't as prevalent. Liver cancer affects a certain age group more then others for example liver cancer affects the age group of 60+ this type of cancer also affects a gender more than another one. Liver cancer affects men more then women. So men of the age 60 and over are at a greater risk than any one to get liver cancer. Women diagnose to liver cancer were 10,150 and men diagnosed were 25,510 (1 in 81 men will get liver cancer and 1 in 196 women will get liver cancer.) There is one race that is affected by liver cancer more than others that is the caucasian race.

Molecular level

Cancer is caused by cell reproduction. When the cell is at the stage of asexual reproduction mistakes can happen for example when cancer is present In a cell. The cells that have cancer are those that keep reproducing with the damaged DNA. the cell is suppose to repair the DNA or the cell is just suppose to die off. When a cell doesn't do that then it is just spreading the damaged DNA this is what causes the expansion and spreading of cancer.