Room 101 News

Dear Second Grade Parents,

I am thrilled to be able to have the opportunity to work with your wonderful children this year!

I'm so happy to have had the pleasure of meeting so many of you at the first open house. Just to let you know a little bit about myself- I have worked with children at many different grade levels. Starting out my career in education, I taught preschool for one year, assisted in a first grade classroom at the University of Chicago Lab School for two years, and taught kindergarten for seven years at Our Lady of Victory School in Jefferson Park.

From there, I took nine years off to stay home with my children now ages 12, 10, and 7. I started subbing for CPS in January of 2012, mainly at Edgebrook where I have covered three long term leave-of-absences in the middle school and have subbed in every other classroom in the building-really! I feel so fortunate to have the chance to explore and grow with all of the students and staff at Edgebrook and sincerely look forward to working with you and your children in second grade.

Please be assured that both classrooms 101 and 102 are working hand in hand to ensure that our content, experiences, and resources are parallel. As educators, this is our heartfelt and dedicated commitment to the students and families we are serving.

If you should have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. I can be reached at and will answer your email as soon as I can.


Fiona Clyde

Second Grade Highlights and Exciting News

Author of the Month
The Second Grade is exploring the literary works of Kathryn Otoshi. She is our Author of the Month for September! Kathryn Otoshi is an award winning author and illustrator!! She specializes in character building themed books such as One, Two, and Zero. The students are welcome to look at our local library for any other works by our celebrated Author of The Month! If you are able to check any out, then we will share them and return the loaned book to you as soon as possible.

Language Arts
We are in the midst of our first reading selection Because of You written by the author B.G. Hennessy. It is our first reading selection that accompanies our unit on Kindness! It is a wonderful unit to begin with this First Quarter as we get to know each other and celebrate random acts of kindness. This beautifully ties in with our core values at Edgebrook; Mind, Heart and Effort.

Math Chapter One
In Math, we are exploring and applying addition and subtraction concepts! We have been utilizing hands-on manipulatives such as counters, ten mats, unifix cubes, playing cards, and IXL to enhance our knowledge and understanding mathematical problem-solving strategies!

In Science, we are exploring plants and ecosystems!! This is a new unit to the Second Grade as we are integrating the Next Generation of Science Standards. We are looking forward to enriching our learning with our Fourth Grade Buddies who are also extending their knowledge and understanding of these areas. We are hoping to be able to coordinate a fall planting project and go on a field trip together to support our learning! Stay tuned for more details as they become available!

Social Studies
My Community is our focus for this Quarter in Social Studies. We are enjoying discussing and analyzing this exciting unit in our community of learners! We drafted Classroom Promises and aligned them to our school's Core Values of Mind, Heart, and Effort. In addition, using a supplemental and informative Social Studies Weekly Publication, the students were able to apply a close reading strategy entitled Three Reads to enhance and enrich of key vocabulary, main ideas and supporting details related to this unit.

Please remember...
This Classroom/Homework page will be updated weekly or as needed to inform our students and families of upcoming important reminders, announcements and our anticipated homework for the week.

Please remember to visit our school's website at and select this Classes/Homework page regularly in order to facilitate our Home-School partnership as well as your child's progress this school year. Please also note that you child has a personal Assignment Book that will contain "Real Time" updates regarding daily Homework assignments and expectations. Please check your child's assignment book each night to monitor any additions or revisions to our schedule. We will utilize their performances to inform and shape the pace of our lessons.

This year, Edgebrook School has partnered with North Branch Arts and Lifeline Theater Company to bring art and theater classes to our students as enrichment classes during the school day. Our students will have the opportunity to have one regular art class weekly throughout the year and one additional weekly art class during the first and third quarters. During the second and fourth quarters, we will be having theater classes in the newly redesigned Edgebrook Commons (formerly the LRC).

Week of September 21st...
During our third of school, we will be taking time to introduce, practice, reinforce, and work toward internalizing rules, procedures, and Second Grade Expectations.

NWEA Testing
During the next two weeks, we will be taking on Wednesdays the NWEA Fall Benchmark. We will begin this adaptive and online computer test with math this Friday, September 25th and follow with the reading assessment next Friday, October 2nd.

This test encompasses scope and sequence from Second Grade until Fifth Grade. Data gathered from these assessments will inform and guide instruction in the classroom and enrichment at home to continue to facilitate our students' growth and progress this school year!