Red Day Class Picture

and we’ve gone Christmas Craft Crazy!!

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Have you ever seen HAPPIER kids getting their picture taken :-)?

Ok, in my defense, I just couldn’t get everyone to look at the camera at the same time, so this was pic #7 ( I only took 11 more after this one so I am nothing if not determined :-) I promise it was only about 90 seconds of picture taking total :-)

I love these little peanuts and they make me laugh all the time….


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This is “Do Not Look At My Teacher”...

Caroline down; Copeland, Millie and Alex right ;Anndi and Addie left and Grace’s Fish lips :-)
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This is “O Face and Move My Head Fast”...

Addison and Addie’s O, Anndi and Alex's blurhead and I think Copeland is shooting lasers out of his eyes at me while Grace is giving me the stink eye for taking soooo many pictures...
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This is “Face Grab"….

Caroline and Grace’s cheek, Britten’s ear, Millie’s nose….

Recently I asked Hannah to ask the kids what they loved about Christmas and she wrote it on a big heart…we were giggling for a while...

Addie: Elsa, Minnie, pumpkin pie,pink, Elsa toys, Rudy

Addison: Doc McStuffins, Santa, green, rings, diaper bags, me, book bags, red, Mommy & Daddy

Alex: Santa, snowmen, cakes, tigers, ice, friends, fireplace, balls

Anndi: Daddy & Mommy, white, Caroline, Emily& Allie, dots, Christmas tree,blue,Mickey Mouse, me, peanuts, Millie

Britten: Santa, Christmas tree, toy house, chair,Kristy, cupcakes, school, feet, Daddy & Mommy, me, my doggy, shopping cart

Caroline: hearts, sheep, yellow,Mommy & Daddy, bunny, lights, bows

Copeland:Thomas, James, Gordon, Henry, movies, music, Percy

Grace: baby Jesus; Jesus loves me; Daddy& Eli & Mommy; Africa

Millie: apple, candy, bananas Daisy & Betty, Mommy & Daddy, Bird, Namma & Dapa

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Please pray for the wonderful hard working clean up staff that come in every night, I do not think they have very warm Christmasy feelings toward us on most days but they do a good job anyway :-)