Te Aroha Primary School

Term 1 Week 11 2022

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Tēnā tātou katoa

Ngā mihi mahana ki a koutou katoa. Warm greetings to you all.

My last newsletter.

I have really had a wonderful stay at your kura. I have been made welcome by the students, staff, Board and community around the school. Awesome, I couldn’t have wanted anything more.

I am sad that the pandemic stopped many things flowing as they should have - some extension groups never really started, a planned number of small child-centred events didn’t get under way and so on. Unfortunate but it was the times dictating what could happen.

The school is strong and in good heart after a very difficult term. The students - your children have overcome some absence from class as well as a number of staff differences.

With the Junior Block being refurbished and the pool heating getting underway there are exciting things happening with property,

I didn’t win the Easter Egg raffle and I took 7 tickets too :)

One thing I have always needed in my life has been a destination, a place to embrace. Te Aroha Primary is the best. 😊

Kia kaha - whakapono ki a koe ano

Be strong - trust yourself

Ka kite anō


Student Art - Max Wassell (+ Dad)

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An amazing picture drawn by Max Wassell (with dad ) - wow, how impressive :) a number of papers sellotaped together to make a giant montage of WW1 and WW2 machinery and forces deployment on beaches and in forests.

Student Work - Semiotics

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Semiotics is the study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation. Mr McDonald has been working with a small group of students this term to delve into this area of study. Feel free to check out the semiotics display in our school office foyer.



  • 17/3/2022 St Patrick's Day - Dress Up Day (Green, Green, Green!)

  • 13/4/2022 Wednesday 3pm - Students last day for Term 1.

  • 14/4/2022 Thursday - Teacher Only Day (TOD)

  • 15/4/2022 Good Friday / Easter Break / School Holidays start


    • 2/5/2022 First day of Term 2 / Our new principal, Mr Justin Bertrand, starts with us.

    Other term dates to be advised.

    SPORTS NEWS - Mrs Paul


    • Year 7 and 8: Practise lunch time Tuesday.
    • Everyone has a get together on the courts 3pm Wednesday.


    Please return the transport forms sent home last week so I know how many cars we have and therefore how many teams I can enter.


    Hot news…. FIREWOOD available - $100 cubic metre - delivered.

    Well I’ll go to blazes - this is a flaming good bargain.

    Drying for over a year, this wood will work well for you this winter. Beat the cold - bring on the warmth…

    Please contact the office 07 884 8803 for details - delivery address, payment option etc

    Being Sunsmart at TAPS

    Hats are a required part of our school uniform in Term 1 and in Term 4. Hats need to be our official uniform ones with the school logo on the front. Children not wearing hats will be required to play in shady areas rather than out in the sun. If your child does not have a school hat, please contact Lucy in the office to arrange one.

    Extra News and Student Views

    Senior School Reporters

    Thank you to this week's reporters, Morgan and Nicole for their photos and articles.

    Year 7/8 Technology at Te Aroha College

    Tech is not on this week due to Good Friday and school holidays.

    Road Patrol Parent Helpers

    A huge thank you to the volunteers who have turned up each week to keep our kids safe. We really appreciate your support and dedication.

    A special mention goes to Mr Kelly Diprose who after several years of volunteering at TAPS is hanging up his Road Warden's vest. We appreciate all that you have done for us!

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    PTA Easter Raffle - Results

    We made $512.00 on the raffle. The winners were drawn by Mr McDonald in front of a group of students. Winners were:

    Draw 1 Mrs Maisey

    Draw 2 Lucas Vercoe (Room 1)

    Draw 3 Harley Bowden Preston (Room 5)

    Draw 4 Carlos Labone (Room 3)

    Thank you to Te Aroha Countdown and Four Square for donating the eggs and to everyone for supporting the raffle.

    Mother's Day Fundraiser.

    SO: Salt & Oil - Perfect gifts for Mum

    This Fundraiser runs from the 1st to the 15th of April 2022 (online).

    If you want to order online go to https://www.saltandoil.nz/te-aroha-primary-school-fundraiser and in the cart enter the code: TAPS for the order to count.

    If sending form & money back to school, it must be in by Wednesday 13/04/2022

    Thank you


    We Need You!

    Reduced to single figures, this body of parents is vital to the school in many ways. They effectively help the school’s efforts in providing the best for your child - computers, play equipment, subsidised trips and much, much more.

    We need you…If you think you may be able to help out occasionally or have great ideas, please contact:


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    Mr McDonald

    Our Interim Principal, Mr Murray McDonald, has had an interesting and exciting time working at Te Aroha Primary School. Between COVID disruptions, power cuts and dealing with a fire call out his time at TAPS has certainly not been boring. Staff and student well-being has been a focus for Mr McDonald and we have appreciated his easy going and straight-forward approach to his principal's role. We have enjoyed getting to know Murray over the past 11 weeks and will miss his 'loud' shirts and great sense of humour.

    Rosé Hodgetts

    After 4 years at TAPS, and having worked in the Junior and Senior School, Mrs Hodgetts leaves us to start a new position at Morrinsville School. We will miss her banter in the staffroom and the enthusiasm with which she was able to relate many an interesting tale. We wish her all the best with her new position and know that with her strong ties to Te Aroha, she will stay in contact.

    Farewell Mr McDonald and Mrs Hodgetts! Thank you from the TAPS Students and Staff.



    Room 1 - Mrs Johnson

    We have made it to Week 11 and a well deserved holiday for everyone! The children have shown resilience as they have coped with so many changes while adapting to school and becoming a learner. Thank you to all whanau for their support this term.

    We are finishing off the term with an Easter theme for all our work and a Waihou Hub Easter Workshop on Wednesday where we will get to visit all three classes to do some craft activities. Story writing books come home today to share with whanau. Please feel free to write a comment to your child in the book. They are very excited to share the progress they have made this term. Books must be returned to school TOMORROW please.

    We say goodbye to Blake on Wednesday as he moves on to the next stage of his learning journey in Room 2. We look forward to welcoming all of our class members back in Term 2 as well as three new students who are joining our class.

    Have a good Easter break !

    Room 2 – Mrs McGhie

    Wow, we have made it to week 11. It has been an interesting term and I am so proud of how well the children have coped with the ups and downs of this term.

    To finish off the term we will be concentrating on saying the sounds and blending words in reading. Making groups to 10 and number formation will be the focus in maths. In writing we will be moving on to use 'the' as a sentence starter. I am looking forward to the Waihou Hub Easter workshop.

    Enjoy the holidays.

    Room 3 – Miss Swan

    Kia ora koutou!

    Week 11! It has been an incredibly different term by any means but I am super proud of the resilience shown in room 3 with all the disruption. Well done team!

    This week will see us finishing off activities, writing about how to catch the Easter bunny and enjoying our Waihou Hub Easter workshop.

    I hope you all have a safe and happy Easter break and enjoy a well deserved rest!

    You can contact me via Seesaw or email mswan@tearohaprimary.school.nz

    Have an amazing week! 😊


    Room 4 - Mrs Willis and the Goldfields Team

    We have a fun filled week ahead of us, celebrating our Easter Fun day at Base on Tuesday, 12 April. Looking forward to Thursday’s Assembly at Base as well. Happy holidays whanau! See our tamariki on 2nd of May again !


    Room 5 - Miss Entwisle

    It is finally here - Welcome to Week 11! It has been a difficult term, but we have persevered and tried our best in these challenging times.

    This week we will continue to look at Life Cycles, Report Writing and we will also be completing a few Easter related activities.

    It has been great having the majority of the class back at school. We look forward to everyone returning happy, safe and well rested in Term 2.😊

    Reminders / Online Learning

    Our Spelling words and weekly poem are available on Seesaw for all Room 5 students who are keen to work on them at home. There will be online activities posted on Seesaw for those students who are currently isolating. These will be sent as student posts on their journal pages each day so that families can access them more easily. We will also be doing aspects of this online learning in class so that the students at school are completing similar work to those at home.

    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Miss Entwisle via the school office: 078848803; email: mentwisle@tearohaprimary.school.nz or through the Seesaw message function.

    Room 6 – Mrs Bankier

    Wow it’s Week 11 already!

    A very crazy term with not having a full class for many weeks. I am proud of the way Room 6 have coped with so many changes. This week we will be finishing our Life Cycles work and having some fun around Easter. We will also be learning about ANZAC also. I am looking forward to a better term next term and hopefully getting to do all the learning activities planned.

    Have a great holidays Room 6, I look forward to seeing you ALL next term.

    Room 7 – Mrs Paul

    As we finish off the term, we will be testing all the spelling words from over the term to see who can move to the next level for Term 2.

    Apart from that we will be looking at both Easter and ANZAC day and all our work will focus around those topics- a little fun will be had!!!

    We have had great fun writing instructions and making imaginary Banana Splits! Maybe in the holidays you can let your children try out a few recipes! We will carry on with this next term.

    Covid has robbed us of many of the things I had planned for this term. Staying well and sane was a priority.

    Thank you for your resilience and company this term.


    Room 8 – Mrs McKenzie

    Here we are in Week 11!

    Room 8 students, along with all of the TAPS students have shown resilience and perseverance in this very interesting term and the day to day changes we have adapted. This week brings us finalising and finishing up a few topics such as our class novel - Gangsta Granny, and our Topic Inquiry Life Cycles. We will be digging into some fun Easter crafts and looking into ANZAC day with a theme around short writing pieces and some games. This should be enjoyed by all.

    I want to thank you all for all the contact, messages and help this term, it has been well appreciated. I wish you all a good break and am looking forward to a hopeful uninterrupted and smoother term two.

    Nga mihi, Mrs McKenzie and Mrs Ginever.

    Room 9 – Whaea Armstrong and Mrs Hodgetts

    Mrs Armstrong

    Kia Ora Koutou,

    We made it to week 11! What a crazy term to start 2022. We are so proud of all our tamariki and what they have achieved considering the constantly evolving landscape. Everyone has shown resilience and perseverance!

    This week we will be finishing up a few tasks around our life cycle topic study. Our main focus will be ANZAC completing a number of online and offline learning tasks. Be sure to keep an eye out on our see saw this week as we will be using these last few days to update our whānau of our learning.

    A special mention to our amazing Kaiako Mrs H as she ventures off to her new school next term. We will miss her sense of humour, her smile and of course, the aroha she shares with our tamariki. Room 9 will not be the same without her. Thank you Mrs H, for everything you do, your passion and dedication to Room 9 is admired and you will truly be missed.

    Mrs Hodgetts

    Thanks: I would like to take this opportunity to thank Room 9 for the privilege of being their teacher. I have loved every minute of working at Te Aroha Primary and am sad to say goodbye. As you know I will be leaving the Room 9 team at the end of this term. I am grateful for the amazing relationships I have developed with not only staff, tamariki, but also parents. I wish you all the best for the rest of 2022 and look forward to hearing and seeing the great things Room 9 will get up to. A special mention to Whaea Aniwa who I am so lucky to have worked alongside this term.

    Arohanui Mrs H.

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    Room 10 – Mrs B

    Kia ora koutou - welcome to the last week of term.

    Well done Rm 10 - so proud of you. It has been quite a term, with lots of change to teaching and learning as well as coping with disruption and yet, you have stayed focused, shown resilience and worked hard. KA MAU TE WEHI!

    This week, we will have an ANZAC theme, incorporating both digital and unplugged tasks. We will also be making sure we have completed our learning tasks in writing and for our Topic Inquiry on the Cycle of Life. Make sure you check out Seesaw at the end of the week as some of this work will be shared.

    Parents and whānau - thank you for your support. It has been most appreciated. A massive thank you to our teaching staff, who have done a tremendous job this term - taking on extra responsibilities and adapting teaching and learning programmes with not only their own class, but blended classes throughout the term.

    So here’s to Term 2 - have a safe, happy and relaxing holiday everyone.

    Kia tu, kia toa, kia mau.

    Arohanui - Mrs B dp@tearohaprimary.school.nz


    School Lunches

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    We need these firms to keep our school cashflow and community relations going strong. They are generous to us which enables us to benefit your children so I would ask you look at the team of sponsors and where possible, use them as we all gain.

    School Policies and Procedures

    School Policies and Procedures

    SchoolDocs is the tool we use for our school policies. These are kept updated with the SchoolDocs team ensuring legal and compliance matters are always up-to-date.

    To access SchoolDocs simply :

    1. Go to schooldocs.co.nz

    2. Click Search for your school.

    3. Start typing the school’s name and select it from the dropdown list.

    4. Enter the community username tearohaprimary and password school

    From there it is simply a matter of navigating to areas you wish to look at - enjoy the read.

    School App, Facebook, Seesaw and our School Website

    Please use these tools we provide - we use them to alert, inform and effectively communicate with parents.

    Check it out - there is plenty for you to find out.

    If in doubt please ask your child’s teacher as we will be using these platforms on a regular basis to keep our parent community informed and up to date.