Team Newsletter

September 2014

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Happy October!

It's time to gear up for the holidays! Share our awesome special this month with all of your friends, family, past hostesses & customers...remind them of how close Christmas is & how much fun it is to shop from your seat & not your feet!


Oct 6 -22 Register to attend Spring Product Premiere...this event will be held on November 16th at various locations across the US. The time will be 12:30pm (your local time)

Cost of registration is $20.00 per consultant. YOU MUST BE REGISTERED IN ORDER TO ATTEND THIS EVENT.

Oct 11-18 Attend your local C&C meeting

Oct 22 Check your inbox for November Inspire Newsletter

September Team Stats

Dazzling Diva Team Sales- $34,705.50

New Divas- 9

Total Downline - $96,624.50

Total New Team Mackey Members Added -18

Total Dazzling Diva Parties - 71

Total Team Mackey Parties - 200

Team Mackey - With 200 parties & $96,624.50 in sales, our party average is now $483.12

Dazzling Divas party average - 488.81

If you just invite ONE MORE GUEST...our party average would be over $500.00!!!! We are SO CLOSE!!! Lets make that our October goal!! WE CAN DO IT!!!!

Crissy's September Stats

Personal Volume = $4,549.00

New Recruits = 3 (WHOO HOO)

Parties - 8

My party average is $568.63

News For You!

Who Can You Party With???

What is your party goal for October? What would you do with $500 or $5000? The more parties you have, the better chance you have to win that money! Now is the time to get creative when booking parties. Here are some ideas to help with booking:

  • Call your past customers that have never had a party. A perfect way to get their Christmas shopping started!
  • Reach out to past customers and hostesses that have preciously purchased a product from the Retro Metro Collection. They can add to their collection for half the price.
  • Contact your Hostesses from last October. See if they are interested in hosting again to get great teacher gifts or other Christmas gifts.
  • Reach out to anyone who has commented on the new products you have shared. Now is a great time to host, great hostess incentives and just in time for the holidays.
  • Ask for referrals. Call your friends, family, coworkers and past hostesses and ask if they know a person who would benefit from FREE product!

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Who doesn't love free cash?

PARTY for a chance to WIN!

This October (October 1-31) we’ll be drawing 31 winners every day to win a cash prize of $500! It doesn’t stop there: every Monday for the next five weeks beginning Oct. 6, we’ll also be drawing one winner to walk away with a cash prize of $5,000!

That means we’re giving away half a million dollars in cash … and ONLY Consultants are eligible to win!

PARTY to WIN! The more parties you have, the better your chances are of being a winner.

Welcome to Dazzling Divas - Team Mackey!

Angela Helms

Miranda Lewis

Michelle Sweeney

Sandie Crick

Brittany Lewis

Ashley Howell

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October Specials are AMAZING!!!

Now is a great time to get your business back in gear...with the October Specials that allow you to save 50% on your choice of one of four Retro Metro styles with a $35.oo purchase, I am sure orders will be knocking at your door!!!

If they want even MORE...when they host a $200 party they can get that amazing $80.00 Retro Metro Weekender for only 15 bucks....or host a $600 party & get it for...FREE!!!! Get on the phone ladies, lets push those weekenders out the door for FREE!!!!!

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Attending your local Celebrate & Connect meeting is good for your business. Meeting local ladies that you may or may not know, reconnecting, learning & celebrating. It always puts my business in overdrive... Make sure to attend, whether you are registered or not...(only registered attendees receive the amenity)...

October Anniversaries


Jessica Richard 10/28

Michelle Sweeney 10/29


Shelly Yaeger 10/13

October Birthdays

Angie Bright 10/6

Zanna Powell 10/9

Melissa King 10/30

$1,000+ PV


OVER $2000.00!

Lori Cherry $2,113.00

Tanya Colliflower $2,045.50

*Gabriella Pankow $1,582.50

Tracy Green $1,311.00

*Alison Sigler $1,251.50

Miranda Lewis $1,156.50

Marguerite Phipps $1088.50

Selma Gruver $1,073.00

*Tiffany Anderson $1,023.50

*Angie Flow 1,004.00

*Denotes Director


April Meltabarger $822.50

Brittney Kjormoe $819.00

Ashley Haskett $812.00

Toni Zinn $743.00

Melissa Newman $702.00

Jacque Sprau $673.50

Lenae Treon $615.50

*Cynthia Spain $584.50

* Denotes Director


All of these ladies welcomed 1 new team member...

Alison Sigler

Kimberly Collier

Gabriella Pankow

Sierra Stewart

Robyn Quade

Brittney Kjormoe

Crissy's Calendar

Oct. 11 @ 10:30am - Celebrate & Connect Meeting