Paper block books

James Cray and Garrett Schienschang

How we started

1. Idea: We received a $50,000 loan to create a store in the middle of our town. We used this money and $100,000 of our our own money to create this store. We had a hard beginning but it is starting to grow.

2. Capital: We raise capital by selling books at a reasonably low price at the largest book store in the country also we made a deal with subway to put one of their stores in our building.

3. Employee and Training: The employees are trained on where each section of the store is and how to deal with customers. we try to higher veterans or other unemployed service men and women.

4. Buying Goods: We buy books from factories and cleaning supplies from target. Other supplies are ordered in bulk.

5. Marketing: With the easy use of social media, We use both facebook and twitter to advertise and to tell returning customers what our sales are at that time.

6. Records: We use quickbooks in order to keep track of orders and payments.

Business Entity

We are a Partnership. We like working together. The advantages of this are, we get to make decisions on what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. The disadvantages are that we are fully liable for all actions of the business.

5 Short-Term Goals

Make a profit of at least $1,000 in the first year.

Apply for the permits that are necessary.

Create a logo for our business.

Hire more employees.

Stay open for more than a year.

Mission Statment

We are a locally owned bookstore offering a quality selection in affordable new, and used books in every subject.