Jessica O'Brien

PLP for EDU 659

Mentor Text (Strand Two)

Schrum, L., & Levin, B. B. (2015). Leading 21st-century schools. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.
I am halfway through this text and plan to finish it by June 22. Note: I will space out my "update" posts to occur every two weeks.

PLP Justification

As Librarian and Coordinator of Instructional Technology at L-R, I feel like I have many opportunities to influence technology use for both the instructors and students. In this course I hope to continue to explore technologies I can offer to instructors so that they can use them when building their courses to increase student engagement. To this end I would like to explore the possibility of moving all faculty to tablets so they can harness the full potential of technology for teaching and learning. In this course I would also like to explore current barriers to technology change in higher education along with the future of technology so that my decisions are well-informed. Each of my learning objectives were chosen with these goals in mind.

Learning Outcomes, Rationales, and Tasks

1) Use and evaluate technologies for school and organizational leaders (Strand One). Technologies should be used to enhance communication, teaching, and learning. A central place where my instructors can go to find technologies and read concise evaluations of those tools will be useful.
  • Create a digital toolbox to evaluate new technologies for use as a school or organizational leader

  • Tentative due date: July 7

2) Develop processes and plans for initiating and leading technology change (Strand Two). I plan to explore in a SWOT analysis moving from laptops/pcs for faculty to tablet pcs.

  • Conduct a SWOT analysis of a technology change

  • Tentative due date: June 23

3) Critique assumptions related to technology change (Strand Two). As my hero Foxx Mulder would say, "The truth is out there," and I am determined to find it and inform others with this infographic. Misinformation can only slow technology change.
  • Create an infographic about assumptions related to technology change

  • Tentative due date: August 4

4) Identify technology-related challenges to the leadership in your chosen field (Strand Two). I would like to identify current technology-related challenges for leaders in higher education in the hopes that technology leaders can use this information to promote change.

  • Conduct a literature review of technology-related challenges to leadership in your field (4-8 pages)
  • Tentative due date: July 21