Welcome to Dusseldorf

By: Jacob Vondrachek

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Dusseldorf is located near the Eastern Boarder of Germany.
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Dusseldorf Attractions


The Rheinturm is a 240.5 meter telecommunication tower made of concrete. Construction started in 1979 and finished in 1981. There is a restaurant and an observation deck within the Reheinturm.
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Classic Remise

Classic Remise is a car museum located in Dusseldorf and Berlin. They collect classic and collectible cars.

Espirit Arena

The Espirit Arena is a multi-functional football stadium. The stadium can hold 54,600 people and has a closable roof.


Dusseldorf-Kaiserwerth is one of the oldest parts of Dusseldorf. Many German cities keep some older buildings together in the city.
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Deutsche Oper am Rhein

The Deutsche Oper am Rhein is an opera company based in Dusseldorf and Duisburg. The opera also has an associated classical ballet company.

Tonhalle Dusseldorf

Tonhalle Dusseldorf is a concert hall located in Dusseldorf that was built by an architect named Wilhelm Kreis.
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Largest Fair on the Rhine

Largest Fair on the Rhine is a fair in Dusseldorf. The fair draws about 4 million visitors annually, and is one of Germany's biggest fairs.

Other Facts


Dusseldorf's population was 592,393 in 2012 and it has been gradually rising over the years.
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Traveling To Dusseldorf

It takes about 14 hours to fly from Appleton to Dusseldorf. You will most likely have to stop and switch planes on the way.
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