The Worker's Time

July 17th, 1789

Today's Quick News (For those who need to get to work fast)

Today we have started our own group, away from the corrupt king. This new group is called the National Assembly. We have gathered nobles and clergies from the other estates and are now working on building even more.

The Public Speech about Unfair Taxation by Galileo Hobbes Locke

The recent taxing denial of the upper class is going to ruin our country. Because of the 1st and 2nd estates are refusing to pay higher taxes for our country is going to kill us all when we don't have enough funds to the military to protect ourselves. If we die by invaders, we blame you, 1st and 2nd estates. I say we don't deliver our food to the nobles and clergies unless they start paying taxes. Meet me at the location we discussed last post for the way we can cover this up!
EDIT: On a completely unrelated note, Locke was killed by what seems, a burglar between the time of this printing and his speech.

The Estate General

Tuesday, May 5th 1789 at 9am

Versailles, France

Versailles, IDF

2 months ago the Estate General got together over the Estates and what should be done from then on. The result was our leader leaving due to the fact that the king decided to give each Estate one vote, so the two richer classes got the upper hand. We broke off from them for a good reason.

The Reign of Terror

Thursday, Sep. 5th 1793 at 12pm


This was the horrible dates of the many death due to Maximillien Robespierre's paranoia. He killed over 41,500 people including women. The majority of the deaths were by the dreaded guillotine.

The storming of the Bastille

Monday, July 20th 1789 at 6am

The Bastille Paris, France

This may start conflicts in the future, but right now we are celebrating in the defeat of the nobles and mayor at Paris and for our conquer-ship of the prison there. We have been treated like garbage for a long time, and we are more that 97% of the country! Today has been a good accomplishment for our estate.

The storming of the Bastille in depth

When I came to Paris, I discovered that they are still working on demolishing the prison! I heard they were selling the stones, but was not able to get a hold of one myself, as I had places to be, places to explore. I discovered there was only a half of dozen prisoners in the prison at the time. 2 of them were insane. There are rumors going around that some prisoners are helping demolish the prison! If I were them, I would have ran away and hid somewhere in a different country! I have moved over to the city hall, where the entrances are blocked off by our own people! That is great news because we now know that we have taken control of Paris! This is a great accomplishment for the National Assembly and for the poor! We may be able to take control like the Americans did in their revolution. I believe this may come back and hurt us, if the king starts to attack, but so far it seems he is too weak to attack us and he isn't getting his army funded because the 3rd Estate has officially stopped paying the taxes and the rest of 1st and 2nd Estates that aren't part of the National Assembly cannot make up for the large loss of income. This is a great leap for us, but in the future we may need to get more money for building a organized army of our own!

This is Sir Hernandez, signing off!

About Me, Sir Herandez MachuPicchu

Many people say that I look like King George III. That is because I am his 3rd cousin's dog's brother's owner's sister's 4th cousin's father's best man.

Letters from our wonderful readers!

News about the storming of Bastille

Dear Hernandez,
I am a guard for the newly made National Assembly and I would like to report that they are disassembling the Bastille and they are selling the stones as trophies. I have sent one to you, which is what is attached. Thank you for your daily posts!

Knight Astoria

In reply of our conquest at Bastille

Dear Hernandez,
I am a farmer who reads your news out my market everyday. I would like to point out this is one of the best newspapers in my day, even at the ripe age of 92! I would also like to point out that our conquest at Bastille could start a new revolt, or something like that in the future! Just don't get in the crossfires of the oncoming weapons when they come!

Herbert de Vincino

Watch out

Dear Sir Hernandez MacchuPicchu,
I would watch yourself insulting the king like that. I don't pick sides, but some people do and may want you killed. I look forward to your wonderful posts everyday, so I don't want to start missing you anytime soon

~Signed anonymously~