Tennis for Middle School

By Somesh Yatham

As middle school's like Walsh get more and more students, more interests tend to occur. I have a strong opinion that Tennis, a world wide sport is one of those growing interests. Of course, as more popular interests come, schools often allow the interest as a part of their environment giving students more of a chance to participate. This is why I am asking you, the school board, to let Tennis be a competitive sport in our proud district.


I feel that middle schools are a very dramatic change in life as a fifth grader shifts to middle school student with many more responsibilities, but it provides very little oppurtunities to represent schools sports wise. Kids who are more into lacrosse, hockey, and mostly Tennis have to wait another three years. Instead, if Tennis was added as a middle school sport, students would have more of a chance to participate in their school. I agree with many others that middle schools can progress if we add Tennis to daily life.

Joyful Environment

Middle school is when many students often tend to crack. It's definetely happened to me several times. It may stress out a student to completely hating school, but our schools are no place for hate. As the school board, I assume that you want to give students a bigger and more stress free environment so they became more successful as they move on. I see this as a perfect oppurtunity to do just that. When students start to stress, having fun is usually the best way to solve it. For students interested in Tennis, playing a loved sport might be able to give a student just what the doctor ordered. I also think that enough team sports are already in place. It's about time the district put in a solo sport for students who can play Tennis for fun.


USTA stands for United States Tennis Association and has helped many schools start Tennis in Middle School. If you are considering my idea, which i hope you do. Go to their website where they have advice for starting Tennis middle school.
Overall, I would like to state once more that Tennis in Middle School would be a splendid idea and would really boost up school momentum in the district. It will help schools and students move towards a better society together helping advance participation and fun in our schools. If other districts are doing it, why can't we, as a group make this dream come true.