Alternative Energies :D

Alternative Energies: By Emma Kay and Priscila!

Introduction to Solar Energy

As you can see, Solar Energy is made by the sun. You can use Solar Panels to store that energy, followed by using it! We believe that in Justin, Texas it is the BEST Alternative Energy Source. And we're here to tell you why!

Advantages of Solar Energy

You might want to know a bit (Or a lot!) about solar energy before you install it.

- Solar energy is infinite, and comes from the sun. (We all know the sun NEVER loses energy!

- You only have to clean Solar Panels about every 12 months. (Only a year!)

- You can build AMAZING things out of solar energy. Build it on top of your house to store energy? Check. Build a car out of it? Check. Build a plane out of it? Check! It can also be used to heat water, buildings, swimming pools, and make calculators work!

- It is a renewable energy source.

Disadvantages of Solar energy

- It is pretty costly. $25,000-$35,000 in the United States Of America! (Depending on who installs it)

- It can only be used for Sunny Environments. Sorry Canada!

- The sun doesn't shine all the time. (BUT- Solar Panels do store the energy, just like plants!)

- Different Birds and Insects can die by flying into the solar panels.

Additional Facts

Solar is a GREAT energy source for Justin, Texas. It can be used on planes, and cars. You can build solar cars to minimize gas usage. Solar Panels cost about 25,000-35,000 dollars. Just like plants, Solar Panels store solar energy and use it over night when there's no sunlight.
How do solar panels work? - Richard Komp

Why Do We think that this is the best alternative energy source for justin, texas?

We believe that this is the best Alternative Energy source for Justin because:

- I'm sure that most people know that Texas is super sunny (Maybe except during winter!) Which is what Solar Energy is all about!

Geothermal Energy


As we all know Geothermal energy is a alternative energy source that's referred to Earth's Natural Heat. This word comes from Geo being a Greek word for Earth and Thermal is another word for Heat. When you put those two together, it forms the word Geothermal! Here are a few reasons why you could use this energy source.

Lets learn some more about this energy!

Advantages of Geothermal Energy

- It's a natural resource.

- We use it already.

- The Earth has a lot of natural heat already.

- Everyone can use it!

- It is used to heat buildings.

- It produces Clean Energy!

- Due to Geothermal Energy, we have hot water!

Disadvantages of Geothermal Energy

- It's scorching hot!

- It could kill someone if they get too close.

- It takes time to form.

- It could kill animals.

- It costs 1-4 MILLION dollars each drill!

- This resource can only be formed in places that have Earthquakes and Volcanoes (Hawaii, or California!)

- They can take hundreds of years to develop!

- You can't just BUILD a Geothermal Power Plant somewhere.

- Pollution may occur due to Improper Drilling.

- It might run dry or lose steam.

Additional facts

- The technology behind Geothermal Energy generation has improved substantially, but it still only provides a fraction of world electricity generation.

- Geothermal Power Plants in the Philippines and Iceland contribute around 30% of their electricity production. In the USA it is less than 1%.

- Geothermal heating applications include industrial uses, heat pumps, space heating and bathing in hot springs.

- Humans have enjoyed Geothermal Energy in the form of hot springs for thousands of years.

Renewable Energy 101: Geothermal Power

Wind Energy

Introduction to wind energy

As we all know, wind energy is natural. Which means it's good to our Environment! You know those big fans sticking out of the ground? Those are Wind Turbines! When wind blows onto those turbines, they spin around and around to create energy!

Awesome! lets learn more about wind energy.

Advantages of Wind Energy

- Wind is a natural and renewable energy source.

- They're easy to find. They're just about everywhere!

- Wind farms (Huge open spaces with tons of wind turbines)

- It's an easy way to generate electricity.

- It doesn't use many blades (2-3 blades)

- It doesn't cause pollution.

- They can be used in the sea!

Disadvantages of Wind Energy

- A bird/insect can get killed.

- A wind turbine can cost way too much money. (Possibly up to millions of dollars)

- If a wind turbine gives too much or little energy it could cause a blackout!

- A wind turbine can get damaged if the wind is too strong.

- Wind turbine blades are HUGE! If one went flying off, so many things could get damaged. (Buildings, Cars, People)

Additional Facts

Wind energy can power homes, buildings, and more! Windmills were used as early as 1000 BC. (Before Christ) Altamont Pass Wind Farm in California has more than 4,930 wind turbines!! (Normal wind farms can have the minimum of 5 turbines!)

Renewable Energy 101: Wind Power


Introduction to hydropower

Hydropower is a natural and clean alternative energy source. If you've ever seen a dam over a river, it's not just there for show. It's creating electricity! First, the water goes into the intake. After that, it goes down the penstock. Then it heads to a turbine which spins around and around from the water. The turbine transmits it to a generator, turning it into electricity. The power stored in the generator goes to the power lines nearby to give homes warmth, water, and other needs. The water flows back into a river.

Awesome! Lets learn some more about Hydropower.


- Water is a renewable energy source.

- Hydroelectric power is a domesticated source of energy, allowing each state to produce their own energy without being reliant on international fuel sources.

- You can control the water flow

- The water goes to nearby lakes/rivers


- Uses a LOT of concrete to build a dam. (The Hoover Dam used 4,360,000 cubic yards!!)

- The formation of large and huge dams destroy the living beings around them.

- Manufacturing and building a dam and installation of the turbines is very costly.

- Only areas that receive a good amount of rainfall will be able to use Hydroelectricity, since it needs a big reservoir.

- Dams and rivers collect water for the production of electricity which alters the natural system of water flow thus depriving houses of the water they need.

- Making dams on rivers affect the amount, quality, and temperature of water that flow in streams which has drastic effects on agriculture and drinking water.

- The water while flowing through the dam collects nitrogen which can damage and also kill fish.

Renewable Energy 101: Hydropower



Biomass is a renewable energy source which creates energy by taking trees, plants, crops, and manure, followed by making them into energy

Awesome! Lets learn more about Biomass!


- Biomass helps us get rid of trash in our environment.

- Biomass can also be made into gasoline.

- We often see things that can be made into Biomass.

- Biomass helps our enviorment to be cleaner.


- It's linked to diseases like Cancer and Leukemia.

- It can be dirty (It's been proved dirty by scientists.

- The smoke emits harmful elements responsible for Global Warming.

- Could cause pollution when used.

- Requires a lot of land to be built

Renewable Energy 101: Biomass Electricity


What do WE think would benifet Justin Texas? By Priscila .M

Justin TX is a big place and a big place needs a reliable energy source. Solar energy. So after days of studying I found reasons why solar energy is the best for Justin Tx. AHEM let me present my case...

The first reason is you only have to clean a solar panel only ONCE a year (twelve months) so one less thing to care about.

The second reason is the sun has enough energy to last us a eternity so technically the suns energy wont be going anywhere anytime soon.

The third reason is the suns energy is completely free (and the sun it's self HURRAH a great deal) now if only I could say the same for solar panels.

Those are some of the reasons I think solar energy would benefit Justin Texas and make it a elated nature friendly place!!! (Written by Priscila .M).

What do we think is the WORST alternative energy source for Justin, Texas? By Emma Kay Owen

After seeing the title, you're probably wondering, "Which alternative energy source is the WORST for Justin, Texas?" And I'm here to tell you why! In MY opinion, I believe that Geothermal energy is the worst energy source for Justin. I think so because:

1. Geothermal energy will only happen in places with Earthquakes and Volcanoes (Like California and Hawaii.) We don't have Earthquakes and Volcanoes!

2. Compared to what we believe is the best alternative energy source (Solar Energy), it is very deadly. Geothermal Geysers are scorching, and could kill someone who gets too close. And we of course don't want that here!

3. Another way Geothermal Energy works, is it uses reservoirs, also knows as bodies of water. We have a few small lakes and streams, but that isn't necessarily enough to make Geothermal Energy.

So that's it! That's why I think that Geothermal Energy is the WORST alternative energy for Justin, Texas in 3 explanations! (Written By Emma Kay Owen!)


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