Open the doors to understanding...

ASSE International Student Exchange Programs

Local Area Representatives

Promote ASSE international student exchange programs to open the doors to understanding and cultural awareness amongst your community.

The ideal applicant:

  • At least 26 years old
  • Loves working with teens
  • Enjoys working with people from other cultures & faiths
  • Has a passion for teaching
  • Is comfortable with and has the ability to do online reporting and scans or faxes
  • Is comfortable talking to strangers
  • Has a passions for International Student Exchange and promoting understanding

General Duties:

  • Educates and recruits local students for ASSE student exchange programs
  • Reviews CB scholarship applications (in select states)
  • Provide training to prepare students for departure

  • Recruiting host families, students (locally), and school placements
  • Assisting with the host family approval process
  • Assist host families with student selection
  • Provide training and ongoing support to host families, students, and schools
  • Plan and participate in ASSE activities for students
  • Complete and on time reporting
  • Attend annual ASSE training meeting
  • Complete annual training with the Department of State (online)

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