Meltzer's Mathematicians

Our students are working hard to become Mathletes!

What does it take to become a Mathlete?

-All our students have to do is learn their multiplication facts and complete a timed multiplication test within a given amount of time with 95% accuracy or higher.

What happens when I become a Mathlete?

-Mathletes will continue to work on their fact fluency and be enriched with higher-leveled math concepts.

-Mathletes will be given enrichment homework to further their math abilities.

Do Mathletes get to do anything fun?

-YES! We will have a Mathlete Day at the end of the year to reward our students for all their hard work and other rewards throughout the year. Mathletes will also get to have special days to have lunch in the classroom.

We currently have students that have already earned their spot as a Mathlete! Congratulations!!!

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