Just Say No!

By:Sean Dabney

Overall Consequences of Sex

One overall consequence of sex is Pregnancy. Another consequence is getting an STD. And a third consequence is dying from HIV.
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STD's - Major Consequences

  • Syphilis-children born to infected mothers may have damage to their eyes,skin,teeth, liverand bones
  • Vaginal Yeast-If not treated , burning and itching and can continue to be passed to each other.
  • Gonorrhea-causes blindness to child
  • Gential Warts-associated with various cancers
  • Chlamydia-infection may spread
  • Hepatitis B- Death
  • HIV-Babies born with it
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Birth Control Methods

The best Birth control method is Abstaining from all sex. The second best birth control method is harmonal & barrier. The third best birth control method is a barrier. Another good method is the Female condom. The last best birth control method is a diagraph.
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Responsibilities of having a baby

The Responsibilities of having a baby are being able to Feed the child. Another Responsibility of having a baby is to have patients for that child. Making sure you keep your baby healthy is very important responsibility .The last responsibility of having a baby is making sure it is pampered.
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Safe Delivery Act

A safe delivery for a mother could be to have an injection of epidural so that the pain from the birth doesn't hurt as much. Another safe delivery could be to have a C section so that the mother won't be harmed if the child has complications coming out.
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Under-age Sex Consequences

The consequences of having under- age sex is becoming a teenage mother. Another is having an STD transmitted to you.
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Benefits of Abstinence

The first benefit of being abstinence is more self respect and more respect for each other.The second benefit is the security that you're not being pursued for sexual reasons. Another benefit is greater chance of faithfulness in marriage, and trust in your partner's ability to control himself with other people. Also, it's a Chance to develop more depth in relationships.The Last benefit of abstinence is less worries regarding pregnancy, birth control, STD's, emotional betrayal.

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