Nutrition Project

By Jessica Lomas

Overall Recap

Dietary Guidelines. Day 1. Day 2. Day 3

Grain. 96%. 73%. 60%

Vegetable. 26%. 5%. 0%

Fruit. 79%. 11%. 135%

Milk. 2%. 36%. 47%

Meat&Beans. 33%. 73%. 58%

Total Fat. 29g. 63g. 27g

Saturated Fat. 10g. 25g. 10g

Cholesterol 66mg. 184mg. 101mg

Sodium. 1718mg. 3504mg. 1846mg

Oils. 1 tbsp. 3 tbsp. 1 tbsp.

Discretionary Oils. 103 tbsp. 264 tbsp. 275 tbsp.


What I have observed over these past few days is that I need to eat more vegetables. Yes,it may be a bit gross to eat them, but they are necessary for my diet. Overall, my eating habits are not that bad. The only things that are worrying me (besides the vegetables issue) is that I may need to pay more attention to my sodium and carbohydrates levels. Having both those things are very important to have, but too much can be unhealthy. All in all, I believe that I am a generally healthy and active person.