Sea Ice

Research Guide

World Map Of The Arctic

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Packing List For The Arctic

-Warm Clothes

-Plenty Of Food


-Light Source


Attractions In The Arctic

-Gates Of The Arctic National Park And Preserve


-Arctic Range Adventure

-Arctic Sea Tours

-Arctic Cathedral

All About Science

-The Arctic water is very dense and salty and that makes the currents not flow readily

-El Nino and La Nina cause contrasts in weather and climate and it causes the air to be colder in the arctic and it to be warmer in the atlantic

-Carbon is a part of the food web of the arctic

-Plankton fashions the food web

-Phytoplankton and algae take up carbon

-They find oil and gas in the arctic

-Humans can make global warming worse and it will affect the arctic if they keep doing what they're doing like using fossil fuels

-We need to not litter and dump

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Fun Activities

-You can watch the aurora borealis

-Arctic rafting



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