The Rubber Tappers

How rubber tapping works!!

How to rubber tap.

How you rubber tap is by taking a knife and cutting slits in the bark and putting a cup under the cup and the rubber goes in the cup and that's how to collect the rubber.

Why people rubber tap?

People rubber tap because with out rubber we wouldn't have the erasers on our pencils or tires on are cars and we wouldn't have toys for are dogs or cats.

Some other Rubber products.

What rubber tappers think.

What they think.

Rubber Tappers think that it is OK to rubber tap because the they will grow the bark back sometime and they can repeat the process over again so they think that is Eco friendly to rubber tap. The rubber tapers all they want is the rubber sap from the Amazons rubber trees so they can get the rubber around the world so everyone can have tires or bracelets or shoes on their feet. Rubber tappers came to the Amazon in the 1870's so they could use the rubber sap to make tires and shoes for the people of the world.