The War Begins!!

The Militiamen fight back!

More Taxes

The British were trying to make the Colonist pay taxes to help reduce their war debts. The Colonist became furious with the British and wanted to stop all trade with them.

Before the war

General Thomas Gage found out that the Colonist were hiding weapons. Thomas Gage sent his soldiers to go get the weapons. Prescott found out about the British plan. His plan was to arrest Samuel Adams and John Hancock which were the leaders. It wasn't really Paul Revere who called out the British were coming it was the militia. The Patriots sent a spy out to keep track of when the British were coming. The British captured Revere and Dawes but Prescott escaped and he was the one who warned the militiamen the British were coming. The British destroyed the Colonist supplies where they hid their weapons.

This Marks The Begining Of The Revolutionary War

The Colonist attacked the British because the British were so tired. The war was over and 273 British soldiers and 93 militiamen were dead. The British were humiliated because they were defeated by a grou of Colonist that had not even been well trained.
Battle of Trenton - Revolutionary War (Educational Parody of Beauty & a Beat)
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