Kindergarten News

November 4 - 8


We learned the letter Ii today. It is a vowel - like the letter Aa - and it makes two sounds. We found out that Ian and Isabelle both start with I. Here is the video about the letter Ii that we watched.

In math, we learned how to solve a problem by drawing a picture.

At Writer’s Workshop, we got writing partners. They are to help us to come up with topics and ideas, as well as stretch words.


It was rainy today! Yuck! We had inside recess ALL day! :(

Today we read, “A Bed for the Winter.” It is about a little mouse who is looking for a nice, warm bed for winter. Along the way, he encounters several animals in their homes and realizes that their homes are not good homes for him.

We also practiced writing I and watched our Sesame Street podcast of the letter I.

In math, we got to use a balance to compare weights of objects. We learned how to tell which object is heavy and which one is light.

Those of us who did not have to change their card from green more than 3 times in October, got to celebrate by eating lunch in the classroom today!

In science we learned about our 5 senses. We listened to a song to help us remember them all!


This morning we learned about verbs. Verbs are action words...they are things you can DO. Here is the song we listened to and did the ACTIONS.

In math, we played an ipad game called Counting On. We got to race our partner in counting objects. It was good practice in subitizing.

Here is a fun game to practice counting and subitizing - as well as the link to the FREE ipad app "Counting Together" that we used today.


We listened for /i/ in the middle of words today. Here is a link to a fun game at to practice short i words.

In math, we practiced describing shapes using 3 attributes.

We did a hidden picture game to practice using our sense of sight. We learned that our eyes had to work really hard!

If you want to download a picture to print at home or even play these words: Hidden Pictures


This morning we played musical plates to practice our high frequency words.

During guided reading we have been working on sounding out words that are spelled with the letters we have learned so far. We use letter tiles or magnets to build our words. What words can you make with our letters?

m p s t a c i

In math, we used linking cubes to make AB and ABB patterns.

We did not have PE today because 1R was hosting a Quiz Bowl. So we had free time instead!

We had library today...and EVERYBODY brought back their books! :)


Kolton brings snack!


  • Review short /i/ in the middle of words
  • Unit 2 Reading Asssessment


  • Exploring Geoboards
  • Making shapes on Geoboards


  • 5 Senses - hearing




Thursday, Nov. 14th, 7:45am to Sunday, Nov. 17th, 9:45pm

One-R School

Grand Island, NE