Doctors: 1 Cancer: 0

Help us raise money to stop cancer

Stop Cancer.. WITH FISTs

We are raising money to help defeat cancer

since we are a boxing team while there you can enjoy a fight between are two boxers

you will also be able to buy are limited edition t-shirt for this event you will be able to buy some boxing gloves we also are being funded by WWE so you will be able to get some of their merch.

and in the end we will do muptile lotteries the main ones are

a ticket to our next match

or the flame thrower

the flame thrower will allow you to use the special flamethrower we are bringing to burn cancer cells (painted signs)

Doctors: 1 Cancer: 0

Tuesday, June 7th, 6-8pm

Aichi Cancer Center Hospital

Event times

Starts: 6:00

Lunch for everybody and speech: 6:35

Boxing Match: 7:00

Second Boxing Match: 7:10

Third boxing match :7:20

Surprise wrestling match 7:45

Lottery for ticket ; 8:25

Lottery For flamethrower: 8:35

Auction :9:05

Ends at 9:30

Dragon's Fist

A boxing team