Toms River High School East

Newsletter - March 14, 2022

Dear Families,

How was your weekend? I picked up my younger daughter from Marist College for her spring break on Friday. I spent the weekend doing things with her. I tell parents all of the time to enjoy your children at this age because they grow up fast! I watched a few basketball games and two movies. I was a little disappointed in The Adam Project with Ryan Reynolds. It seemed like a good premise but the budget was low and storyline predictable.

We had a productive week at the Home of the Raiders! We held our monthly Equity Team meeting and our Leader's Committee convened to create ideas to end the year at our best! I prepared for our School Improvement Club meeting to keep our kids actively engaged in our school growth. I finalized the budget for our leadership program (Leader in Me) and we held a staff Professional Development Workshop!

FBLA Competition

Congratulations to Michael Bruno, Nino Scala, Joey Scala, and Bella Wade for their outstanding performances at the State FBLA Competition in Atlantic City this past week! Michael was a qualifier in the Business Ethics competition and Nino, Joey, and Bella placed in the Top 10 for Business Plan. Great job and thank you to Mrs. Janine Hatton for your continued support of our program!

Equity Team

Our student driven Equity Team met on Thursday to discuss April's Activity Day. Our team developed a YouTube link to promote equity/inequality/social justice awareness. All Homerooms will view the video and then develop a heritage chain link to post in their respective rooms!

Professional Development Day

Our staff participated in a school-wide professional development workshop on Wednesday. Our objective was to provide an opportunity for all staff members to create a personalized Google Site as a resource for our students and parents. Each staff member will post information about their class, background, curriculum, Gradebook, Homework, policies, office hours, student and parent home resources, means to communicate, connections to college and career readiness and how to become an excellent student. I am asking our staff to ready their Sites by Spring Break for parent and student support!

Leader's Committee

All our Club and Organization leaders met on Thursday to discuss making personal connections and to support our end-of-year goal to 'finish strong'. Mrs. Fazzini and Mrs. Koenigstein conducted a group activity where students learned about the Salmon Handshake and developed themes for the 'Make It Count' end-of-year calendar. We want our kids to finish this year the way they began, at their best!

September 2022

We will be using our ARP Federal Funds to implement a leadership program for our students and staff next fall. We will bring in an outside organization to train our students and staff on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. The objective of the Leader in Me Program is to cultivate leadership habits in our students and staff to best prepare our children for their future college and career endeavors. Education in the pandemic world has presented obstacles to the social and academic achievement of our students. We have observed a diminished capacity for learning which has created significant learning gaps and a demand to provide mental health services for an overwhelming number of students. The ability to provide the mindset and skills to create forward progress in this covid educational world is essential to ensure we are doing all we can to meet the ever-changing needs of our students. The program will focus on teaching students to be proactive (take responsibility for your life), create a vision and establish goals, prioritize (do the most important things first), operate on a daily basis with a winning mentality, listen (tolerance, empathy, respect, etc), work collaboratively, and to take care of your personal well-being (social and emotional). Essentially, we are training our students to own their outcomes - to give them the confidence, knowledge and skills to meet the demands of the global 21st century. I am very excited for this opportunity and will share out in future newsletters!

Attendance/Behavior Data - February

We continue to show a significant reduction in the number of overall discipline referrals comparing this year and pre-covid, which makes me very happy. We still have to remind students about ancillary things like head coverings, earbuds, and crop tops. Please communicate with your child about our expectations! Our overall daily attendance rate is improving again and our lates to school numbers are relatively low. Thank you to all of our parents for re-enforcing the expectations to come to school every day, to be on time, and to come ready to learn!

DJ Rose!

Mrs. Laurie Rose provided the musical tunes this week as part of our Friday Staff DJ Day! Mrs. Rose's playlist included:

Eye of the Tiger; Holiday Road; Danger Zone; You Could Be Mine- Terminator 2 Judgment Day; I Disappear- Metallica- Mission Impossible Two; Don’t You Forget About Me; Karate Kid; Lean on Me; Foot Loose; and I’m All Right. Great job Mrs. Rose!

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