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McDowell School News 12.11.15

What's Up?

Bus Duty
- 12/14-12/18
Standley - EW Office
Davis- Kickball Field
1/4/16- 1/8/16
Montomery EW Office
LaScola Kickball

Upcoming Week
12/15 - Morning Announcements at 9:10 on Channel 22.
12/16 - Staff Christmas Breakfast @ 7:45AM in C-11

12/17 - HOLIDAY SING-A-LONG @ 3PM in the gym
12/17 - Staff Christmas Party at Kathy Matchinga's after school

12/18 - Classroom Holiday Parties @ 2:30PM
***If you arrange for any parents to come to your room party before 2:15PM, please notify the office so we can hold those parents who come in too early to rooms not wanting the "help" before 2:15PM.

12/18 - End of the first grading period!!!!

12/19 or 12/20 - Teacher's Records Day - see Mark's note below

12/22/15-1/1/16 - Winter Vacation!!

1/4/16 - School Resumes

This will be your last "Loop" until January 8, 2016.....can you believe it?!

Birthdays (including over break and up to next Loop)
12/19 - Michelle Bradley

12/23 - Lorri Kingan

1/3 - Laurie Wilkins

1/5 - Cathie Richards

1/7 - Cindy Miller

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

This, that, and, of course, the other

  • ELA Testing Schedule:
    4/26, 4/27, 4/28, 4/29 - ELA Testing
    5/3 - AIR MATH
    5/5, 5/6 - Testing Make-ups
  • · As you know, Teachers Records Day is Monday 12/21. You have the choice to work a full-work day on either Saturday 12/19 or Monday 12/21. For the purposes of McDowell and the other elementary schools, the school day will be 8:30-3:30. To date, we have had 14 people who have responded on the Google Doc. If you need to change your mind please use Chrome as your browser, complete the Google Doc/Form, indicate which day you will be working, and submit your work day choice by Wednesday 12/16. Thank you!

Today as I finish this newsletter wearing my Charlie Brown Xmas shirt that is older than Sarah :), it makes me a bit nostalgic. I want our students to know what it was like "back in the day" when Charlie Brown and Rudolph were on TV but once a year and you had to sit through all the commercials like Santa on the electric razor, but yet it was a family event and every kid at my school was home doing the same thing, even past the age where it would be kind of uncool. It was magical.

I have had more than one teacher apologize to me for having their students working on art and craft-type projects when I came through. This is not meant to "call out" those teachers but more of a commentary on the reality or perceived reality of what school is to be about. Snowflakes , construction paper chains and such are beautiful and a good use of time.

So, I was in Kristen LaScola's class the first day she put the Elf on the Shelf. Many kids had to run and tell me about the Elf and his shenanigans. Kristen had the students write letters to the Elf. One student asked Kristen if he could write in cursive (kinda topical huh?), because he was sincerely worried about the Elf being able to read it and relate his message to Santa accurately . Seriously how sweet is that?!?!?

My charge for you this upcoming week. Let's take the time to truly enjoy our students and their unbridled joy of this season. Let' s embrace the spirit this upcoming week as we partake in the staff breakfast, the sing-a-long (s) and school parties. We are fortunate to go to work in a place that has over 300 believers. You know the kids may not learn tremendous amounts of content this week as their minds are elsewhere but isn't that GREAT!!!

And for you dear staff, I wish you the Merriest of Christmases and a well deserved break in just 5 short school days.

Not Festive but Powerful

Below is a video I came across recently. Years ago I heard a presentation by a doctor who researched persons who had jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and survived. Mind you, this is a very small group of people who most certainly were not going to survive and knew it, but then did survive. While the subject is a bit morose, I do believe there is a positive message here. I hope you enjoy.
I Jumped Off The Golden Gate Bridge

On a much lighter note. My favorite Christmas song. I hope you enjoy the guitar and lyrics.

Christmas Song