Tuning the Body, Mind and Spirit

Introducing the Chakras, New Series Beginning Feb. 7

The body is a map of our consciousness, and the chakras are wheels of energy that regulate the life force flowing through us. They literally open and close as we respond to life, and are constantly taking in, interpreting, and transmitting energy. In this series, we will be learning about each chakra, what it pertains to in terms of physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health, while incorporating yoga postures and acutonics tones that support better maintenance of each.

This series takes place on Thursday evenings from Feb. 6 to March 13, 6:00-7:00 pm. Students should register ahead of time by contacting Jennifer at 814.422.3177 or email Pre-registration for all 6 classes is $45. or you may pay $10 per class.

Meet the Instructor and the Philosophy....

Heartspace Wellness Alliance

Heartspace Wellness Alliance provides spirit and space for self-healing, personal development and transformation through its integrated programming and workshops designed to support clients in restoring the mind, body, spirit, and energy. Our alliance seeks to connect people with holistic and counseling professionals from various backgrounds in order to promote wellness in the Central PA community.

For more information on this yoga class or acutonics sessions, please contact Jennifer at 814.422.3177.