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Remote Learning: Update April 3, 2020

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Principal Notes

Cimarron Families,

Your efforts this week during the past week of remote learning have been incredible! We are inspired by the way that our community has gone above and beyond to enrich our students lives both academically and holistically. We are striving to remain connected with our families because we know that is what students need most during this time of uncertainty. Please be sure to take care of yourself and make health and family your priority right now.

As we continue into weeks of remote learning, we are focused on providing flexible and responsive instruction to our students. If your student is struggling with any coursework expectations, please do not hesitate to get in contact with their teachers, counselors, or administration. Students should be completing approximately 20-40 minutes of work per content area, per day. This week we had the opportunity to talk with DCSD leaders as they are continuing to refine expectations for grading and learning in the weeks to come. Please review the Douglas County School District’s Remote Learning Plan. Thank you for your patience as we wait for their direction of our district.

We miss seeing our students each day, and are wishing you all happy and healthy thoughts as we navigate through the next month. We are grateful that our Cimarron community has been able to come together to support one another during this difficult time. Please continue to follow us on Instagram @CiMSMiddle and the Official Cimarron Middle School Facebook page!

Chris Zimmerman

No School April 6th & 17th

4/6: Teacher planning day to support remote learning until end of school year.

4/17: DCSD will not host remote school on April 17th. This is in alignment with our 2019-2020 district calendar.

Turn Notifications on or off in Google Classroom

If you or your student is feeling overwhelmed by emails and notifications from Google Classroom, follow the steps here to reduce emails from each class:

This article is for teachers and students. Guardians, go to About guardian email summaries.

You can set up Classroom to get notifications, like due-date reminders or invitations to join a class.

By default, you get email notifications for various activities, such as when someone comments on your post or your teacher returns work. You can change these notification settings at any time.

Students and teachers can:

  • Turn all notifications on or off.
  • Choose which notifications you get.
  • Turn notifications for a class on or off.

Watch the video below for visual steps!

Turning off Email Notifications in Google Classroom

Cimarron Counseling Team

Cimarron Community,

In addition to the online learning opportunities which are available to you during this time though each teacher, you still have access to our Counselors, Social Worker, and Psychologist during school hours on normally scheduled school days.

Emily Benson : Counselor for Prevention Office- 720-433-1318 Email-

Jill Bull : 6th Grade Counselor Office- 720-433-1357 Email-

Scarlett Doise : School Social Worker (Special Education) Office- 720-433-1314 Email -

Stephanie Farrell: School Psychologist (Special Education) - Office- 720-433-1387 Email -

Valerie Fincher : 7th Grade Counselor Office- 720-433-1339 Email-

Holly Laut : 8th Grade Counselor Office- 720-433-1372 Email-

Catherine Scholz : Restorative Counselor Office- 720-433-1309 Email-

Rose Walsh White : Group Counselor Office- 720-433-1404 Email-

You can use this link to Request to see a counselor.

Some additional resources for you can be found on our Counseling Resource Page. Here is an Online assignment planner if you would like to make a copy to use during the remote learning window.

Tips to Fall Asleep Fast

Try it…slowly breathe in and hold for 5 or 6 seconds, and then release slowly until your lungs are deflated. Focus intently on what you are doing. Feel the breath come in and out of your body and channel your focus on that action.

What you'll quickly feel is that it actually takes quite some effort and concentration to do, especially because your body is already tired – it's just your mind that won't settle – and I think this is why it is so effective.

To really focus on breathing in this way takes your mind off the swirling thoughts and channels your energy into the breathing action, which helps the tiredness overcome the anxiety and ultimately helps you fall asleep.

View the entire article here: One Simple Trick to Beat Sleep Anxiety and Fall Asleep Fast

Highlighted Colts

We want to highlight Colts that are going above and beyond to help our community. If you know of a Cimarron student or family who are doing their part to strengthen our community, please nominate them. Send an email to: with a brief description of what they are doing.

This week’s Highlighted Colt is none other than Mr. Dan Ereth himself! Thank you, Mr. Ereth for sharing your inspirational ducks with us! Click Here to Check Out Mr. Ereth's Ducks

Weekly Challenge: CHALK THE WALK!

April 2nd-8th This week, we are encouraging our students, families, and staff to chalk the walk. Leave drawings or encouraging messages on your sidewalk or driveway for your neighbors to enjoy as they walk by. Please tag your creations on social media for us all to see: Facebook: Official Cimarron Middle School Instagram: cimsmiddle
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Safe2Tell Colorado

Safe2Tell Colorado provides students and adults in Colorado schools and communities an increased ability to both prevent and report violence, by making safe, ANONYMOUS reports. The 24-hour bystander tipline, staffed by professionals from the Colorado State Patrol, is available to students, parents, and communities to report any kind of concerns to their safety or the safety of others. The Safe2Tell Colorado tipline is completely anonymous and does not have caller ID. The focus of Safe2Tell is early intervention and prevention.