No Time for Tears

A Survivor's Toolkit

Are you a survivor?

Pain is masked under a smile. The voice is not heard because there’s no safe place to go. However, the mental and physical scars a person carries with them is evidence that he or she didn’t give up, but remained resilient. Your struggle is personal, but your journey to recovery does not have to be isolated.

Join survivor, healing coach, and Board Certified Hypnotist Stacey Giovanni as she hosts the workshop No Time for Tears: A Survivor’s Toolkit for Healing. You will leave with tools and resources to begin the process of healing.

No Time for Tears: A Survivor's Toolkit for Healing

Wednesday, April 30th, 2-3pm

660 Manistee Ave

Calumet City

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About Stacy Giovanni

Stacey Giovanni is a board certified consulting hypnotist, professional keynote motivational speaker, teacher of self hypnosis, published author, advocate, emotional freedom and neuro linguistic programming practitioner and coach. She is on the Speakers Bureau for RAINN She is certified with the Illinois Attorney General Office as a Victim Assistance Practitioner.