Model and Help Our Children Become Responsible

The Goshen Creek Challenge


Our "lost and found" rack is overflowing with student items that obviously belong to our students. Each day there are coats, jackets and other articles of clothing that arrive and are thrown over the rack by adults or students tasked with placing them there. As the adults on campus, I challenge you to be the mentor for your students and train them up right to gather their belongings (ALL belongings - includes lunch boxes, backpacks etc) both inside AND outside of your classroom.

When students are taken to rotation, lunch or recess, please be sure to leave the gym, music room and playground empty by ensuring that students leave with their belongings. Attention to detail and respect for our students and their belongings goes a long way in improving our school culture and helps our students grow and learn responsibility...and by being proactive we can make our school the BEST it can be!

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our students!