Hatha Yoga Course

Join in Fridays, 5.15-6.15 pm, Seminar Room

Four sessions themed on the Elements:

Earth: Develop your foundation with traditional Hatha. Root and ground. Sneak peak: staff and tree pose.

Water: Yoga with the fluid movements of Qiqong. Expect fish and mermaid poses.

Fire: Yoga with Martial Arts. Cultivate the warrior spirit with this creative blend. Expect lion's breath.

Air: Take up space and reach for the sky. Sneak peak: dancer's pose and zhan zhuang (standing meditation).

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Special introductory price for UCL staff!

£20 for four sessions


£5 pay as you go.

(Let's call it 'donations' until we know more about funding.)

First session, Earth, Friday 20th May.

Classes are suitable for beginners.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Payal x

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