Unit 2 Summative

Human Migration

Human Migration

Human migration is the movement of from place to place to settle down either permanently or temporarily. Human migration will never stop, if anything it will grow. There are new ways to travel every couple of years, so that should keep people migrating.

Why Humans Migrate

Humans migrate because of many reasons. One is to get to a better climate. Another might be to get away from certain religious groups. Humans have many ways of migrating including walking, driving, flying, swimming, and boating.

Migration in My Life.

Human migration relates to me because I have moved before. Before I lived in Derry I lived in Massachusetts.

The Cultural Mosaic I've Left

When I moved to Derry from Massachusetts, I took a lot of the Mass culture. My mom still has the Boston accent from Massachusetts.

Cultural Mosaics

Humans leave cultural mosaics every where the go. When people move, they take their language, religion, clothing, and more with them
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Power Shifting Between Social Groups.

In the late 1970's to 1980's there was a lot of power shifting in Guatemala. First the government and army had all of the power. Then the guerrillas took over. So the army started killing off civilians that they thought were affiliated with the guerrillas.

Power shifting can be a good and bad thing. If whoever wants the best for the people has regains power, then that is good. If the people who don't care for the people get the power, that is the bad situation.

Bullets and Ballots

For the simulation I was in the Army and Wealthy group. We had the most power in the beginning and end of the game. We had a plan to kill off all of the guerrillas so the peasants would vote for our candidate.

There was power shifting in the simulation. The Guatemalan government payed the guerrillas to vote for their candidate. The guerrillas and the army and wealthy did not like each other. The guerrillas did not want us killing the peasants. Many treaties were made but never signed.